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Hamari Society : An apartment management app in Mumbai

In a world that’s increasingly capturing the paperless route, there’s no reason why reminders for bill payments, receipts for the same, and notifications for society meetings, shouldn’t follow suit. Hamari Society, a society management application in Mumbai manages housing societies operations successfully.

A Mumbai resident says that Hamari Society is very effective apartment maintenance software in Mumbai for making relationships stronger and does all operations easily. “I don’t feel the need to roam here and there and check my transactions. It even helped me to have discussions with neighbors, conduct or participate in polls, and receives updates from this helpful app,” says a Mumbai resident.

“Society income and expenses have become very translucent and easy to track because of the Hamari Society app,” says Hema Gupta, 32, part of the managing committee of the Sheetal Tower CHS in Mumbai. “Because of the online poll, we don’t feel to go and sit for the meetings. If an issue is small, it can be settled online.”

The members of the society who are allocated crucial positions such as the secretary, the treasurer, the accountant, the manager etc. are the strong pillars of a society. They can make it successful or break the working of a society. Using Hamari Society app, you can allocate different society members their respective roles with a crisp and clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities, assignments, rights and tasks.

Once the roles are allocated, they will know what job comes under their realm and which job does not. This will not only avoid unnecessary confusions and misuse of authority but also help in successful execution of the responsibilities assigned to the people in power.

The Noble Arch housing society in Andheri installed Hamari Society app and eliminated the need for guards’ altogether. “With the system, we obtain information about any visitor in real time and worry less about the security of the building,” says a Mumbai resident.

“As a society treasurer, I had been handed over hundreds of flats and apartments to manage my residential society. I use to manage multiple tasks such as sending payments invoices to society members, tracking housing society monthly maintenance collection, sending reminders to society members for late payments etc. This was like a daunting task for me. Obviously I am not a superhuman! All these tasks take a toll on my precious time which can be used to manage other things,” says a society treasurer from Navi Mumbai, handling APH Society.


Plus, he also says, “Now sending payment invoices to society members is much faster. This is all because of Hamari Society. The process of sending payment invoices became a smooth and continuous affair as it acts as a unique platform which allows you to send payment invoices without having to wait for your command.”

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