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Guaranteed Loans - A Solution for Unemployment

Being unemployed is a curse. You find times when you are in a financial debt and plus, now you do not even have the salary to pay the amounts. But, does that mean, that is how it is going to continue forever? Well, it certainly does not. Guaranteed loans for unemployed people can be the helping hand.

With these loans, you can get the money in the form of borrowed sum by providing the guarantee to your lender. These guarantees can be of different types.

Some of the types of guarantees that help you get a secured loan can be-

  1. Personal guarantees – in order to receive the loans, personal guarantees are the ones most often used. If you opt for a loan through a personal guarantee, that means, when you fail to repay the loan, the lender gets the amount back through your personal belongings. These can be your house, your car or whatever you are guaranteed against. Your failure at the repayment not only holds you liable for the amount but also for the interest you are liable to pay.
  2. Guarantee of validity – at times of unemployment, there might occur a time when you think about starting your own business. For that purpose, guaranteed loans can be the source of funds for your newly commenced business. Through this type of guarantee, you promise to pay your lender the loan amount with the invoices as earned by the business. But, the invoice is only valid when it has not been turned over to another company.
  3. Guarantee through a guarantor - there are some lenders that offer you the loan on a basis of a guarantor, that is, a third person who wishes to take your guarantee as a borrower in case there emerges a failure at the repayment of the amount as borrowed by you. The guarantor might take the responsibility of the payment of the whole amount or a partial amount.

What happens when in a bad credit?

Unemployment is a state where you do not have any kind of assured income coming your way. On a contrary, the expenses are pre-defined, you cannot cut them off. In order to meet your requirements you often rely over loans but the inability to pay them leads you to “a bad credit score”.

This bad credit score can thus create future problems of not getting the loans approved. For a person who is already going through unemployed, a bad credit score can prove to be a thing to worry about. But not anymore, with bad credit loans over guaranteed approval you can enjoy the funds you have been requiring.

Also, when you are in an utter need of money, these loans can be the one standing there to rescue you. By providing guarantee to the lender, you are creating a sense of relief for the lender that, why he must offer you the money? Many times, people fail to pay the borrowed amount. But, here the lender has a surety that he/she will get the money back.

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