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Google Account Recovery Useful Tips and Tricks

Google account has become the favorite account to users from across the world. As this account does not only sends or receives the email but also saves a lot of data in the form of backups and much more.

With the increase in cyber crimes, you must make sure that your account is safe and secure. And by any chance, if you know how to recover your account then you may follow the steps below for recovery for Google account.

Steps to Recover Your Google Account

Launch the web browser and go to Google account from the search bar.

Enter the username which you want to recover in the sign-in page and tap “Enter”.

Tap on “Forgot Password?” available at the bottom of the page.

Google will then redirect you to the recovery page with three recovery options.

Select the option of recovery through a phone number.

Google will then send you a verification code. Enter the code in the space given on screen and tap “Enter”.

Google will now ask to create a new password. Enter the password that is strong and unique at the same time and tap “Enter”.

Your password will be changed successfully and you can now log into the account.

Therefore, with the easy steps above, one can conveniently recover all the data stored in the account. Now, to make your Google account recovery more easy and convenient here are some tips and tricks that may help you in securing the account.

Tips and Tricks to Secure Google Account

One may have read how to recover his Google account from any of the links. But have you thought of knowing some hacks that will protect your account more closely? Let us discuss that.

To secure your Google account, one may always enter the email and phone number at the time of creating the account.

The user may even enter a security question and answer to it. This question will also be helpful in securing and recovering your account in case of Google Account recovery phone number lost.

The user may even activate the 2-steps verification. This verification gives access to only the account holder as it comprises of a code that is only known by the account holder.

Therefore, Google has now become an advanced company as it understands the need for protecting the account from hackers and cyber crimes. Google users may even get in touch with Google live person on the helpline to get the issue resolved.  


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