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Good and bad nightlife

Eco Girl is synonymous with Escort Girl's abbreviation or lover's. Which Southeast Asians did you guys receive? I think I have received everything except Myanmar. Among them, the most memorable thing is the escort girl in Danang, which is said to be available to college-oriented kids. Or did you say that only beautiful girls are selected by local women who have just set foot in the world of shade? However, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to this, so you can clearly grasp and decide whether to use it or not.
First, the advantages of escort girl
1. The kids are the most beautiful and have a lot of spirits. -Most of them come from locals or college students. It has a lot of numbers, so you can use it as the type you want, but it has the best rating.
2. The price is cheap-Because there are many supplies, the price itself is relatively cheap. As you may have noticed, it is very difficult to get this class of kids from Korea or other Southeast Asia.
3.Communication is easy-similar to No. 1, but because the essential condition of escort girls is to know how to do tour guides, English or Korean is essential. The better you speak Korean, the best, but most kids speak English. It's a college student, and there are so many kids who learned it that he did better than us hahaha
4. You can use it according to your dating options-it's a bit of a feeling. You can go out with them and go out with them later in the night. Above all, I like this four times, because these days I mainly watch the fast chemistry rather than the face. For reference, there is no SM. Hahaha There is a massage facility that has recently been created to receive it.
5. You can reduce your injuries-If you meet and use the ones you like more than the ones you meet on the fly because you did it in advance by making a reservation by yourself, the trauma can be reduced. Most recommended for nightlife.
We have identified some of these advantages. Let's take a look at some of the disadvantages.
Cons of Escort Girl
Can't take a hotel with more than 1.4 stars-This is also an exception. 4 stars or more hotels can enter with a woman, but at least 500,000 dong is required. There are some kids who call more, but if you don't like it, you should use a 3-star hotel. At first, I didn't know anything, and I just told her that I couldn't because I just took her blindly and got into a good room. At that time I first knew... after...
2. Can't go into the casino-Local kids themselves are not allowed to enter the casino. So, if you want to go in and play together, you must give up one thing. So, when you play with escort girls, most of them meet with money, or if you don't like the entertainment culture in the first place, just start dating. In fact, Plan B is the best.
Never get paid by someone and review reviews. It is much better than other Southeast Asian countries, but Vietnam also has its disadvantages. As it is a communist country, keep in mind these points and hope that you will not make any mistakes when you receive them. And the most important thing than escort girls is choosing a Korean agency, and you have to choose this really well. If you pick up and use companies like dirty ferns, you will be really scammed. The reason why this and that is not so obvious is that I asked for more money, but I just didn't take the money out of my wallet.




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