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Getting admission in Top university on MERIT – Have to look across the board!

Getting accepted on Merit

Many of the elite universities across the UK have holistic approaches towards the decision of admissions and that involves a series of discussion with the candidate and the admission team in the faculty. The admission benches have a lot to look into – from extra-curricular activities to personal qualities of the students and not to forget the grades (which are the top priority) and for students in the UK; the grades must be extra good to impress. This process is an art rather than just the science of getting good marks. Here at the university; all is counted.

The irregularity of Merit

There is none - I mean, not a single pattern that can describe who gets in and who’s going out. Even the valedictorians have to figure out the meritocracy ideals where they can see the personal qualities of the young fellows who can be the future leaders; BUT, top universities cannot fill all. They even have to choose the very best from the best.

The educational institute plays an important role in making a solid career of their student. But as a student, YOU must take a decision of what to study in future and where to fit-in. Your decision is worthwhile the fact of being in the top university rather than getting kicked by the educators on the rank of the privatized institution.

The chance of getting in the place

Many high-level educational institutes have a great appeal towards admission and are the inspiration for many of the students who are looking for a degree. But, what these universities look when you are applying for the admission? Well, I just came up with some of the tips which can be helpful for students in attaining their chances in getting admission in the top universities across the UK.


You need to apply first to your choice of institute. The application might be unsuccessful or can be successful. In both cases, you need to be extra cautious as you now have a limit to tighten the seat belt. It might work! But, if it doesn’t, at least you have tried in the first place.

            Good Grades

To get a chance for consideration, you need good but very good grades. This means all-time good scores; in school exams, additional tests and achieved grades or additional grades (taken from tests). This report is needed by the doctor as you will not be allowed to enter the class until the record is clear.

            Genuine interests and the course

In the UK, the understanding of that, you need to be at the school, when you apply.  Also, you need some evidence of your role, like your statement or some references to showcase your role in the class.


That’s a sound part of the academics. You need to be YOU to impress. Don’t claim to be the champion or Mr. World… Be confident and calm when meeting with the admission team. Be genuine as the TRUE YOU can be the right path of your application.

Finally, explore the campus life before you take a shot at the admission. Simply, click Google and explore the areas of the university and imagine the environment. If you can fit into the climax, drive through the institution. Hopefully, you enjoy every bit of the experience that might be the required institute you need to connect your aspire to the world.

Robert Austin

Robert Austin is a professional writer and has the education connectivity as his trademark entity in the blogger's world. He has been considered among the best dissertation writers in the UK and is also assisting the education reformers to turn the tables and provide an efficient solution to the problems faced by students at the time of admission in universities.

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