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Get Solutions for Why Google not working Properly

Do you use Google as a search engine on your smartphone? Then you will get the best and proper result whenever you will search via Google. It is highly famous among the passengers for error-free and secured features but sometimes users confront lots of technical issues when using and Google not working properly is one among them. It all caused due to the multiple reasons that can be fixed through reliable solutions.

Why Google not working properly?

It’s always better to know about the reason behind the not working problem of Google that can help to resolve this problem. Some of the reasons behind Google not working properly are listed below:

·        Bad internet connectivity.

·        Unwanted caches and cookies.

·        Incorrect time and date.

·        OS errors.

·        Incompatible device.

·        Corrupted browser.

How to fix Google not working properly?

If you want to fix the not working properly problem of Google on your device, then you can go through the mentioned troubleshooting to fix Google not working in a very easy way.

Solution #1 Clear caches and cookies

·        Open the Settings of your browser and if you are using Chrome, then click on top-right corner side of the screen.

·        Now look for Clear browsing history option.

·        Check the cookies and caches box.

·        Now click on Clear browsing data or other tab as per your browser’s version to complete the process.

Solution #2 Check your internet connection

Bad internet connectivity also brings multiple problems. So, ensure that you are working on an active internet connection. You can use another device or browser to check the Google.

Solution #3 Restart your phone

Restarting your device often face lots of technical issues and if you are getting the not working problem in the device, then you can very easily restart your device and then check the Google to see whether it is working or not.

Solution #4 Check the background apps

Make sure that you have given access to every single app as per your preferences including Google because sometimes many apps don’t work properly whenever you applied the settings for the applications.

Solution #5 Check language and date

·        Go to the Settings of your device and then look for the language section.

·        Now choose a language that supports Google and then save it.

·        After that, open the data and time settings and then ensure that all the settings are correct.

With these above-listed steps, Google not working properly problem can be easily resolved and if you are not capable to fix this problem, then contact with the customer service team of Google to get the instant solutions.



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