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Everyday there are advancements in the field of supply chain management. Supply chain management consists of various buyers and sellers conducting business around the world. Some of the major elements of supply chain management are procurement, transportation, inventory, storage, and vendor management.

The main functions involved might be the firm itself as well as its suppliers, buyers, logistics managers, tax managers, and various other disciplines. Supply chain management can be defined as the process of an order’s physical fulfillment, financial transaction, and information flow amongst the various parties involved to make sure that the product reaches the customer within the specified time span.

The retail industry is undergoing major technical advancement today and one can expect more to come in the following years. A major issue firms face is the information flow that is exchanged between the various buyers, sellers, and departments involved in the business transaction. Since the flow of information is of high volume and requires repeatability, companies are turning to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as a solution for conducting business. EDI enables companies to exchange information in a structured and repeatable way, while helping to reduce chargebacks and eliminate waste. Roundhouse Group is known for delivering well Managed EDI Services.

Roundhouse Group sets-up, facilitates, and manages EDI integration services for companies around the globe. EDI enables information flow speed, accuracy, and repeatability between buyers and sellers. EDI benefits include saving money, eliminating chargebacks, and enabling firms to concentrate on what they do best with respect to their business goals and objectives. Roundhouse Group helps buyers and sellers by taking care of their EDI compliance requirements and constraints. EDI integration services provided by Roundhouse Group is known for their professional and dedicated staff who take care of processing EDI transactions in-house. These professionals consider assisting the clients as the top priority and provide optimal results. The managed EDI services provided by the firm allows professionals to focus on the other tasks instead of learning and maintaining EDI compliance. There would be no need to learn or buy software to meet EDI compliance. The installation and setup process will be taken care of by the Roundhouse Group and typically completes the set-up process within 1 to 3 days.

Roundhouse Group is also known as a premier EDI Gateway Provider. Through this process, a company can acquire Value Added Network (VAN) Services. VAN services do not require costly and time-consuming mapping upgrades. Roundhouse Group provides excellent service and is why they remain on of the best EDI Gateway Provider today. If you are a firm looking to conduct EDI transactions, then visit or call them at 1 (212) 244 – 8081 to learn more.

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