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Tablets are now slowly going out of the industry. The rise of smartphones especially those with bigger screens are now the much preferred compared to tablets. However, tablets are still on demand for people who still need to do things on a much bigger screen or like to have their daily dose of entertainment in a larger screen than phones. Tablets are also popular to children who just like to learn or play games all day. Not everyone though wants to spend too much on just a tablet.

Barnes and Noble went into the technology and tablets industry with their very own Nook 7, which also doubles as a nook ebook reader. This nook ebook reader review will help you choose the right tablet slash ebook reader that is perfect for you. This offering of Barnes and noble wholly uses a vanilla Android interface running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, unlike the Amazon and Samsung ones who are using a much modified `versions of Android which makes it more laggy and hindering performance. Reading ebooks is also very decent enough with its 7-inch display with a 1024x600 resolution. Different positive nook ebook reader reviews have already made many people purchase this amazing ebook reader.

If you just really need to have a lone ebook reader, then you should just get an Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle is the most respected one in the world of ebook readers, and it is also one of the most bought ebook readers on the planet today. Though there are other kinds of ebook readers out there who offers a lot more features than the Kindle (ironically, these other ebook readers which are more powerful are being produced by Amazon too, namely: Kindle Oasis and Kindle Voyage), the original and basic kindle is still the most preferred ones as it provides everyone a very enjoyable reading experience without spending too much. While you can enjoy reading any book on any time of the day in any place you go, you also need to protect your kindle with the best cover for amazon kindle. This cover for amazon kindle from will protect your kindle from accidental falls or from harsh weather conditions.

However, if you just want to read ebooks on your PC or laptop, then here are some of the best ebook readers for windows. If you thought that you need to buy your ebook reader from amazon just to get that kindle feeling, then you’re wrong as you can always download kindle for PC. It is so smart and stylish to use but it overflows you with reading suggestions. You can also consider using Freda. Freda is another ebook reader for windows that have a direct Project Gutenberg integration that gives you access to thousands of ebooks that are available for free. For students who are bookworms as well, one can also consider Calibre. It is very lightweight to use and runs very fast. For a very versatile kind of ebook reader, try Sumatra PDF as it does not only open ebooks. It also opens PDF files and comic books with the CBZ or CBR file format.

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