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Fundamentals of Islam

Islam is an Arabic word that means complete submission to the will of Allah. In boarder concept it implies that Muslim should submit all his or her wishes and aspirations to the Allah and obey and conduct them as per the Allah. Islam is the finest religion and complete in ever form. It has the logical and rational solutions for all mankind problems. It never burdens a human being with unnecessary things on the contrary Islam can be said that it is the religion of moderating that is everything is implied on the human being that are completely under the capacity of a human being. It has everything for the human being in moderation. It allows a person’s to have entrainment education, duties to practice in moderation and thereby thus prevents a human being from putting any kind of burden. It is the most simple’s religion which is getting complexes day by day due to people for their own vested reason.

Islam is heavenly religion. To be more precise unlike other religion, Islam is not made by human being. Only religion was existing when the world was first created. Adam and Hazrat Hauwa was the descendant of heaven or Jannat. Allah sent to different prophets in earth for the guidance of mankind. It is said that Allah sent more than thousand messengers or prophets for protecting the mankind from getting perished and guiding them to live a righteous life. Muhammad The last Messenger who was sent by Allah for the guidance. It is also said that after Muhammad (peace be upon him) no prophet will be sent to the earth. Perhaps he was the last messenger or a prophet. They were sent to earth and from then onward, Islam came on earth. Islam is the ultimate religion that was created by Allah and not any human being. It was made only for the sole purpose of guiding people to the path of Allah and protecting human beings from the fire of Jahannoom.

Islam is the Later with passing time people get diverted and made their own separate religion. Islam was again reinforced during the time Muhammad (Peace be upon him). It was directly sent to the earth in the form of the Quran form via Hazarat Jibrail. Hazrat  Jibril guided Muhammad to learn Quran in which a vivid description was given about the mankind and its protection. It is only through Quran that we can understand the preaching of Islam and it talks only about peace. Islam in every context focuses on peace and foster universal brotherhood. From the peace and love rises equality and thus Islam has equal rights for every individual.

It is therefore said that Islam is the religion of peace. Nowhere has it talked about violence. Yes, it does talk about harming others when they are really wrong in order to prevent innocent from falling prey to those wicked people. Islam is the fastest growing religion and this is only because this religion is based on peace and equal rights or all.

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