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From Cupcake Wars Winners to Online Domination of the Cupcake Industry

Dreamy Creations has emerged as a leader in the cupcake industry offering a wide variety of cupcake options to choose from. They are also a creative bunch introducing new creations and cupcake designs every once in a while to the market all of which have had a positive reception and an ever-growing fan base.

This company emerged from the shadows of the Food Network cake wars which made them cupcake wars winners consecutively for the 2012 and 2013 installments of the show. With vigorous passion the creators had for both their craft and the impact it had on their audience, there was almost no question as to what the next step forward was.

After years of building their brand, the creators have firmly cemented their position in the cupcake industry boasting of a wide array of cupcake products that are uniformly produced and a standards of quality that are hard to match. Their products are tailored for general consumption but also there are a group of products that can be utilized for various occasions and events.

Such is the case with kids birthday cupcakes that are specifically tailored for kids of all ages. The catalogue for the products and flavored cupcakes that can be found under this category is vast and relies on your preference. Kids’ products are the majority of products in the catalogue and they come in for different flavors and designs for your liking.

Being an online shopping business you can order from around the country thanks to an improved system of delivery and shipping. If you are planning for a party you are allowed to book as early as two weeks and then your order can be handled effectively within that duration. One important note to understand about delivery is that it may vary depending on the perishability of the products that you want delivered.

There is the ‘cake in a jar’ method of preserving goods being shipped over long distances that has proved to be effective in handling the freshness of cupcakes. The best cupcakes are carefully packaged in the jars and shipped in sets. The jars themselves are built to withstand breakage events and they are also topped to the brim to avoid compressing air which affects the freshness of the cupcakes. Also they come in packs decorated for that special occasion such as a birthday or a valentine’s day. You can even order a pack to send to your friend who has recently given birth with a red color frosting for a baby girl and a blue color frosting for a baby boy.

Also they run a cupcake truck business which is regularly updated on social media on the locations that it is at in real time. You can also request for the services of the truck by booking the truck when it is available just by referring to the event calendar and then you can specify the requirements that are appropriate for the event you want to cover. It is a convenient method of providing for large numbers of people who are in an outdoor setting.

Dreamy creations is the home of happiness as they say. It is a magical land for cupcake lovers and it is convenient for planning a warm and welcoming gift for your friends and family. Best Cupcakes have never come this easy. With an all-round well engineered service provision coupled with their utilization of social media technology you may want to consider them when you want those sumptuous cupcakes for the next event or surprise you are planning. Simply connect with them through their contact links or visit the website to check the various delicacies available.


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