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Football Lessons for Children's Development

All parents should take care of their children's development. Every child has something inborn which need nurturing and it is football talent. Despite their age, children need to develop their skills. Mini Kicks is a Football Academy South Yorkshire that offers perfectly planned and designed programme of Football Lessons for Toddlers. Children of 2 – 8 years old can attend these classes and learn many new skills. It doesn't matter your child is a girl or boy, these Football Lessons for Toddlers are for both of them. The toddlers' group is a special group and the classes are conducted with the parents. You will play a great role in these sessions as a parent. All lessons are fun and attractive for children of all ages. Even parents get excited and enjoy these classes when they are present. This is the best Football Academy South Yorkshire which offers tailor-made solutions to each child. Here every kid gets his own ball and this gives him a chance to develop his skills at his own pace. However, this doesn't mean he gets separated from the others. Here all the children play as a team.

At mini Kicks, children not just learn to play football. They start developing their health and social skills as well. They play as a team and learn how to be a friendly team member. They start to respect each other and become very helpful. They don't grow alone and contact with many children who become their friends later. Children develop their feelings and feel confident. The feeling of victory makes them work even harder and achieve better results in the future. Mini Kicks gives a great chance to all children develop their skills and grow to be what they dream of. They will become future stars as these classes will encourage them to achieve what they want.

The club also handles Football Classes for 5-Year-Olds and makes sure to help your child achieve perfect results. The best part of this football club is that you can find the best coaching facilities and trainers here. The professional footballers are also perfectly qualified physicians and pediatricians. The trainers give a special attention to each child and every lesson is conducted in the presence of the best team pedestrians and physicians. There is a special programme for Football Classes for 5-Year-Olds and it is full of fun and enjoyment. Mini Kicks is a platform where children come and don't want to leave. Here they learn everything faster, easier and with great pleasure. The atmosphere at Mini Kicks is really amazing and the coaches are very friendly to your daughters and sons. Even after the first day your child will make friends here and be attracted by the exciting classes. The aim of Mini Kicks is to have a positive impact on each child and help parents develop their children's abilities. The completely new, exciting, and creative curriculum will never leave you and your child dissatisfied. The coaches handle each class in a new and innovative way so that children will feel excited every day they come to Mini Kicks. This is the best place for your child, so bring your daughter and son here and meet the passionate team of Mini Kicks!


Mini Kicks is one of the best football academies in the United Kingdom. We have football classes for 3-10 years old toddlers & kids. Get an early opportunity to learn football as well as developing fitness.

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