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Follow Islam for A Better Happy and Peaceful Life

Islam is the only religion which has solutions for all the problems of human being. It is just not a religion rather a way of life which teaches human beings how to conduct on a regular basis and lead a perfect balanced and poised life which has room for everything that are required for a good life and life hereafter. Islam is a religion of peace and human being no matter what creed, or caste or religion they are essentially love peaceful environment. Islam just facilitates that peaceful living but it is mischievous of some people and media that they have portrayed Islam as a religion of hatred and violence.

People who understand the core principles of Islam earnestly embrace Islam and convert to Muslims. There are endless people who have converted to Islam worldwide for a better life and life hereafter. They find perfect solutions for all their worldly problems and find a deep sense of satisfaction in Islam. Embracing Islam has now become a common phenomenon. In western countries, people are converting to Islam at multiple rates. Every year thousand and even millions of people are converting to Islam.

Islam is the fastest growing religion. It is a religion of honesty, equality brotherhood, compassion and sympathy. Islamic rules come directly from the teachings of Islam and the sunnah of prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him). There is no room for injustice and flaws. A lot of people are driven to embrace Islam because they find it a perfect religion which justifies everyone. Converted people practice religion from the core of their heart. Not only they just pray, but they lead their life as per Islamic way of life.

People from all race and creed, countries convert to Islam. Eminent celebrities have converted to Islam that ranges from Buddhism, Christina, Hinduism, and Zoroastrian and so on. In western country Islam is the fastest growing religion. Every year number of Muslims rises dramatically. In U.S and UK itself thousands of people convert to Islam and thus grows significantly. People who convert to Islam are mostly well educated and come from the affluent families. The best part of conversion is that a large part of women are converting to Islam against the popular propaganda of western media that Islam suppresses women. It is generally depicted in media hat Islam has no place or Islam mistreat women but inspite of this false propagation which is touching its heights, women continues to convert in Islam and lives a happy life. Hardly there are any converted people found to return to their previous religion.

The list of famous people who embrace Islam is endless. Some of the eminent celebrities who converted to Islam include
Michael Jackson-World renowned singer, dancer ,composer
Dr. Mehmet Oz who is the vice chairman and professor of surgery in Columbia
Muhhamad Ali
 Blake Ferguson-Australian rugby star
Mike Tyson
Neil Armstrong
Bernard Hopkins
Queen nor of Jordan
Jermaine Jackson

Above are just a handful of few names. The actual list is infinite. There are endless famous people who have embraced Islam and now leading perfect happy and satisfy Islamic life. Please visit our website and know how to convert to Islam.


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