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Five Tips for Taking Better Photos with HONOR 8X in Low-light Conditions

Most affordable mid-range smartphones tend to underperform when it comes to camera performance. However, HONOR 8X is an exception. Admittedly, it comes with a capable camera, but its greatest strength lies in its ability to take photos in low-light conditions thanks to a flagship feature called Super Night Shot. It's often said that camera is only as good as its photographer. Here are a few tips for you to take better photos in low-light conditions with your smartphone.


1. Use the Super Night Shot


This is the feature you need to turn on before taking photos in low-light conditions on HONOR 8X. Select it from the mode wheel at the bottom of the UI. With Super Night Shot, the handset is able to eliminate the issues of shaking hands in long-exposure photos and supports multi-frame image stabilization that is based on machine learning.


Basically, this is a smart long-exposure mode. While previous long exposure modes required absurdly steady hands or tripods, Super Night Shot doesn't. Just hit the shutter in Super Night Shot, and you can watch in amazement the scene in front of you brighten into an excellent low-light photo. Super Night Shot usually takes 5 seconds of exposures for some amazing low-light performance.


2. Hold still while the photo is being taken


Although HONOR 8X excels in eliminating handshaking blur in Super Night Shot, it will perform even better if you can hold the phone steady. Before you take a photo, just keep your legs firmly on the ground and make sure you breathing is controlled as best as you can. Sure, you can try holding your breath, but merely staying away from rapid breathing or gasping will also do wonders.


3. Make your subject hold steady


Have your subject hold steady as HONOR 8X captures a photo in Super Night Shot. Your subject doesn't need to be as steady as he would in a regular long exposure shot thanks to the excellent machine learning abilities of HONOR 8X, but it certainly helps. You can also make movements while you take the shot to add creative effects.


4. "Secret weapon" unlocked by a tripod


While Super Night Shot is designed to work well in handheld situations, there's also a built-in "secret" feature. With the AI camera, the device is capable of detecting if it's been placed on a tripod.


To unlock this incredible feature, just place your smartphone firmly onto a tripod, switch to Super Night Shot, frame your shot, and press the shutter button.


Super Night Shot usually takes 5 seconds of exposures, but when the handset detects it's on a tripod, it will automatically switch to a longer 20-second exposure. The longer the exposure time, the more light is let in, and the lower the amount of noise. The results are actually pretty amazing.


Bonus tip: To diminish the handshaking issue, you can actually enable the Audio Control function. This enables you to activate the shutter on HONOR 8X with your voice. It can be configured to shoot when you say something like "cheese" or when your voice reaches a certain level of decibel.


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