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LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for people to establish and grow their professional networks.

Over 90% of Canadian recruiters and hiring managers expect that applicants will have a complete, up-to-date LinkedIn profile. When they review it, they will look to see if the candidate’s LinkedIn profile aligns with their resume and cover letter (and they will be critical of inconsistencies). They will also evaluate how well the candidate is able to write by how well they explain their career story in the “Summary” section, as well as look for specific qualifications required for the position in the “Experience” and “Skills” sections.


In addition to jobseekers, LinkedIn can help B2B (Business-to-Business) businesses grow and expand. With a professionally LinkedIn writing service that describes a company’s products, services, mission and unique value coupled with content tailored to a target audience, business owners can create connections, which can turn into leads that can be further converted into customers. Many businesses also use LinkedIn to find new employees, freelance or partnership opportunities.

Why should I hire a professional writer to create or edit my LinkedIn profile?

The most common message that we hear from clients looking for new jobs or business opportunities is, “I know that I should have a LinkedIn profile, but I’m not sure what I need to have on it.” Simply put, most of our clients are not sure where to start writing or updating their LinkedIn profiles.

We have over a decade of professional writing experience, and invest the time to update our knowledge (including taking courses dedicated to using and optimizing LinkedIn). Our team knows how to write clearly and persuasively to help you stand out from your competitors, and we have extensive knowledge of this social media platform that we will share to help you meet your professional goals.

During our consultation, we will listen carefully to how you interact with us and answer our questions; we want your LinkedIn profile to be a reflection of you or your business. We also do not stop working for you until you’re completely satisfied with the results!

How do I go about having my LinkedIn profile optimized or revised?

Once we connect and decide to create or revise your LinkedIn profile, our ultimate goal is to focus on what you plan to achieve through establishing or improving your online professional presence.


During our initial discovery call, we will find out why you are interested in LinkedIn Profile Optimization, share our approach (at a high level), and discuss a timeline to complete a draft as well as offer a quotation for our services.

Costs for this service range from $150-$300; a discounted rate may apply if multiple services are purchased.

During our 60-90 minute consultation (in-person, Skype or telephone) we will ask you several questions to have a better understanding of your professional history, skills and goals or your company’s products, services and goals. We want to find out about what makes you, or your business, unique to use this information to help you stand out in a competitive market.

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