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Few tips to make your session with Asian escorts Marylebone even more exciting

It is undoubtedly the job of Asian escorts Marylebone to provide you the top-class service for which you have booked them. They are also trained on what they are supposed to do: to make their clients completely satisfied. But if you also take note of few small points and act accordingly then it can make your session with Asian escorts St. John Wood more enjoyable.


It may sound a bit unusual but is a fact yet – escorts also enjoy their sessions with their clients. Though this is part of their daily job but many Asian escorts Marylebone revealed that they do have their favourite clients who make them feel special and get turned on being with them in bed. Some of the Asian escorts St. John Wood shared what makes them their favourite clients. Here is a summary of their observations:


  • Smell: There are clients who go overboard with cologne and after-shave lotions and use very strong fragrances. This doesn’t go well with the mood and the ambience. Instead, use face or body creams of mild natural fragrances like lavender, cucumber, baby powder etc. This can turn women on as it increases vaginal blood flow.
  • Give her a massage: Much have been talked about the massage skill of an escort and how they make their clients feel relaxed by giving a wonderful massage. But, do things little differently. After she gives a soothing massage, reciprocate and give her a massage in return. The skin-on-skin contact will stimulate the release of oxytocin hormone which will increase the desire of a woman for sex.
  • Exercise: Just before you meet your escort, make sure you have a workout session of around 30 minutes. This will ensure that your body is ready for an exciting time as your nervous system and blood circulation are in just right condition to have a great sex.  
  • Position: Try doing some experiment with positions and style during sex and stick to the one which is enjoyed by both of you. This is also another way of expressing care and respect for each other.
  • Appreciate: This will certainly do wonders. An occasional moan during the act or word of compliment after the session will surely leave a lasting impression in their mind. It will be a kind of confirmation to them that you are really enjoying their service and encourage them to perform even better.
  • Rest a while: Jumping out of the bed just after having sex and leaving the room in a hurry is not a good practice. Take some time to thank the escort for her effort. You may also offer her a drink and do a bit of chit-chat. This will help to strengthen the emotional bond between you and the escort. The experience will be even better next time if you meet the same escort.


The above points are really simple and you should not find any difficulties in implementing these. But, these will certainly spice up your session with Asian escorts Marylebone or Asian escorts St. John Wood and your experience will be just amazing.


Asian Escorts Marylebone and Asian Escorts St. John Wood are open for out call services. You can book their appointment and let them reach your hotel within soonest possible time.

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