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Facts That You Might Not Know About Authentic Italian Food

When asked about Italian food, most people these days would come up with two popular items - pasta and pizza. However, there’s more to the cuisine than just these couple of scrumptious delicacies. A never ending array of different starchy dishes garnished with cheese and red sauce await you, so you’d have to go beyond pizza and pasta for tasting authentic Italian. Besides that, various rewards program sites are offering delightful deals and discounts, such as a Waitrose gift card. Therefore, if you’re planning to prepare some dishes from Rome with love, you can stick to a short budget and still impress everyone.

Now let’s get down to some facts about Italian food that often spark confusion amongst newbie’s:

You can put butter on the bread

A lot of people believe that authentic Italian food should never have bread and butter together, rather the former must be served with olive oil as a dip. Although this is true to a certain extent, since Southern Italians prefer olive oil, you can still use butter. This is because lard and butter are quite common in northern parts of Italy. So when shopping using your Waitrose gift card, it’s okay to get butter instead of olive oil.

Pasta is neither a staple nor a must-have

Pasta is not a staple dish of the Italians, it’s just popular in the central regions of the country, including Campania, Emilia-Romagna and Liguria. People in the north actually prefer polenta or rice more, whereas the southern parts are in favour of Couscous.

Tomato sauce wasn’t used before

Many of us tend to think that tomato sauce is a must for a variety of Italian dishes, but that’s not exactly true. In fact, tomatoes weren’t even used until the 1600s, and people started using it regularly some centuries after that. Good tomato sauces didn’t appear in Italy until 1870s. So it’s completely fine if you have been thinking about leaving out the tomatoes in one or more of your Italian dishes.

Don’t shy away from fish

Contrary to popular belief, fish is one of the most common ingredients used by Italian in a fair number of their dishes. And that completely makes sense - what else would a country with such as a vast coastline use in its food!

Now that you know what authentic Italian food actually consists of, use the info to prepare your most favourite delicacies easily and don’t forget to use your Waitrose gift card for huge discounts and attractive deals on groceries.



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