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Exhibit Style with Designer T-shirts

The t-shirt is a foundational building block of any great wardrobe. They are a staple in everyman’s closet due to their simplicity and versatility. Uniquely, designer t-shirts are socially acceptable almost everywhere. To put it simply, if you wear a plain tee and a pair of fitted jeans, you won’t look out of place. There is nothing that can go wrong when you don this classic combination. 
The designer t-shirt is a true time tested classic in menswear. Although, t-shirts have been in use since in many centuries, it was only in the industrial revolution that they became common garments for men. The new cotton tee was not only more comfortable than anything the working man could afford, it was very good at absorbing perspiration. Their reasonable prices and durable nature made them the choice of men all across the world. After the American armed forces issued the tee as an undershirt in the 20th century, it slipped into popular media and was seen in many movies. That only accelerated the trend. 
Although the t-shirt is touted as a simple and hassle free garment, it is still important to have it fitted properly. The fit is the determining factor of how the tee would look on you. Make sure that the fit is neither too tight nor too loose. Try to minimise the amount of excess fabric if going for a sharp look. The shoulder seams should be aligned with the end of your shoulders. The length of the sleeve is variable, but should not extend much beyond your upper arm. While considering the length, ensure that the tee at least covers your waistband. 
You will find various types of necklines when making your next designer t-shirt purchase. The classic crew neck collar is a great for a timeless look. It enhances the aesthetic of the body by creating an appearance of squarer shoulders, making it an ideal choice for those with lengthier necks. On the other hand v-neck collar is a cool, less-formal variation to the crew neck. It is visually more intriguing and makes the shoulders appear less rigid, making it best suited to men how are shorter in stature.
Now that the basics have been taken care of, let’s go to something more interesting. Colour. T-shirts generally look cool in most colours and prints. However, if you have just started adding tees to your wardrobe, go for neutrals like black, white or navy blue. A single white t shirt is a great way to spice up your entire wardrobe. Be it blue jeans, brown shorts or khakis, a white tee looks cool with everything. It is also a great pairing tool for winters and can be worn underneath jackets, sweaters and flannels. However, if your style is more understated a black t shirt for men might be your cup of tea.  On the other hand, if the idea is to add some flair to your daily clothes, pick up a few designer t shirts. Remember to experiment with different accessories and styles to create something unique!



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