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Exercise with Your Children to Give Them a Hale And Hearty Family Life

As you all are aware of, exercise is the very key to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Along with a healthy diet and healthy habits, exercise is a must that needs to be incorporated in your daily routine to help you cope with the daily stress and to help you stay in the right shape. Exercise can also give you a meditative calmness and can teach you how to remain focussed to attain your goals. Thus as responsible parents it is important on your part to encourage your kids at an early age to practice doing exercise, making it an inextricable part of their daily routine.

Exercising regularly must be made a habit by every kid to learn the techniques of stress management, to remain physically fit and mentally healthy.

As you all know, children learn first how to imitate before they can learn doing anything. Thus to infuse healthy habits in your child it is important for you to develop good habits first. One such way is to join exercise sessions with your kid, to spend quality time with your child and encourage your child imbibe healthy habits. Exercise would take care of your fitness too. Do remember, fit parents can successfully raise fit children.

Several exercise and gym activities are there that both the parent and the kid can practise together.

The basic: Push ups and similar strength training moves are great to be practised with your kid. You can modify the push up types in accordance with your kid’s age, strength and capacity. Along with push ups, you can also do bicep curls, tricep raises, chest presses and set of hand weight lifting activities, using equipment like bean bags, filled water bottles and cylindrical wooden blocks for your kid. Squats and sit ups are also great activities for both you and your kid and they can help toning and strengthening the lower portion of the body.

Physical activities: Encourage your child to accompany you while you run, jog and walk. This will encourage your child to remain active. Encourage your kid to run, jump, roll and romp. Once your kid is a little matured, get it into some outdoor physical activities like in line skating and cycling. You can yourself practise it too.

Yoga: Yoga is indeed a wonderful way to remain healthy, physically and mentally. The long term benefits of yoga cannot be overlooked. Thus incorporate a daily dose of yoga in your life and along with it teach your kid some postures and poses, some twists and turns to encourage it to develop the habit of doing yoga on a daily basis. Let it go at its own pace. Yoga is a must to keep your joints flexible, muscles healthy, bones stronger and mind healthy. Sow the seeds of good habit in your kid at an early age.

Hitting the playground: Playground equipment can provide you with various exercise sessions meant for beginners, advanced athletes and joint sessions even for parents and kids.

Along with all these myriad activities gym is another great option that parents and kids can practice together, definitely under the vigilance of an expert gym trainer. The Little Gym, having its branches both at Ballygunge and Saltlake, would be a great choice for you if you are a resident of Kolkata. They arrange parent child classes Kolkata.


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