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Excel Tricks for Chartered Accountants

Although there are many replacements for Microsoft Excel, it has made work a lot easier for chartered accountants. However, deriving as much benefits requires advanced knowledge in what types of tools are available and how to use the tools.

Here are some tips from Excel wizards on how to maximize benefits with it:

1. Need to analyze and summarize data, look to PivotTables:
With PivotTables, chartered accountants in Kent can summarize a list of data at the click of a button. This is very easy to do. First, organize your data well and understand what data you should feature in the PivotTable.
2. Use cell references with relative or absolute references: Relative reference means the cell reference will change automatically when the cell content (such as a formula) is copied from cell A1 to B1. It will reflect details of the new cell position. Chartered accountants in Kent might want a situation where the data needs not change, and thus, absolute reference feature is so helpful. In the latter case, the cell reference remains fixed even after copying and pasting the data formulae to some other location. An absolute reference is created by adding a dollar sign to a cell reference.  
- Using A$1 will mean that the row does not change when information is copied

- Using $A1 means column does not change when copied

- Using $A$1 means the column and the row do not change when copied

Pressing shortcut key F4 several times help add the absolute reference without doing it manually.

3. Use drop down lists to reduce errors: Using data validation lists helps reduce errors and make data entry easier. This is very helpful if there are many people using the spreadsheet. The user can use a drop down list to select a defined data option within a cell. Chartered accountants in Kent will first create the drop down list but will need to create the list of data options in a single column or row. Select cells and click on the name box at the left of the formula bar and hit enter button. Avoid spaces in the cell names.

Go to Data Tab and click Data Validation in order to add the drop down list to a cell. Go to the Settings tab and select List option from the Allow drop down list. Type the name of your list under Source. Select cells and click the name box at the left of the formula bar. Fill out the Error Alert tab and set your error message so someone won't enter different information.
4. Use the Watch Window to improve visibility: This tool can help you keep some data in view all the times and you can thus refer to it without navigating back and forth between columns or sheets. A chartered accountant in Kent will just select the cells that are to be visible all the time and then click the Watch Window from the Formulas tab in order to add this option.


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