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Every Thing Must Know About Google Account Recovery

Google offers many services free of cost. For example, Google Photos, that allows storing unlimited photos and videos on the cloud, Gmail let users send and receive free emails and you also get free POP and IMAP service to setup your email account on computer and smartphone using any email client, Google Drive with 15GB free storage for any type of files, Google Alerts that let you subscribe to any kind of topic to receive free email alerts related to that topic, and there are many other services. If you are a blogger, you also get to use Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Webmaster Tools, and many other Google Tools to drive and measure traffic to your website. Google also has many easter eggs that include online Calculation tools as well as Doodle Games. So how can someone risk losing the access to Google Account? There are times when we face trouble accessing our account or we delete Google account, but there are some solutions to fix the issue that we will discuss in this article.
How to Recover Google Account in Various Situations?
Resetting Password when you forget it, and Precautions to take
When you forget your Google Account Password, you need to know the answer to at least one of the question asked by Google. In some cases, you may need to answer more than one question.
  • The Password that was previously used before changing it to the new one
  • The recovery or alternative email that you have added while creating Google account. An alternative email address can also be added later
  • Month and Year when the account was created
Try Different question
If you don’t remember the password, visit this page to reset. If you don’t know the answer to the question, click on Try Different Question.
Precaution to take before losing access: Make sure your Google Account has an alternative email address to make the password recovery easier when you forget. If possible make a note of the date, time, and year when you create Google account. Whatever you do, but don’t forget to add alternative email. To add an alternative email, you can visit, and click on Your Personal Info option. Now you can see the alternative emails if you have added any, and can also add a new email.

Recovering a Deleted Google Account

After deleting your Google account you get a short amount of time to recover it. It is usually 2 to 3 weeks. if you fail to recover during this period, you will lose access permanently and that account can never be recovered. Follow these steps to recover a deleted Google Account.

  • Visit Google’s Recovery Page and enter the email address you want to recover. Press the next button. You will remain on the same page, but a new option will appear underneath email address field. Now click on Attempt to restore this account.

Google Account Recovery Step 1

  • You will be asked to enter the last password you remember. If you don’t know this click on Try Different Question, and try to answer the question you are asked. If you know the Password, type it into the provided field, and the click the Next button. Now Google will undelete your account.


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