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Erectile Dysfunction Causes in 40s, Pills to Get Stronger Erections

Aging is one of the causes of health problems, one of them being ED. Men under 40 are the most active, sexually. But some of them may face problems; generally, due to psychological reasons. But there are quite a large percentage of men over 40, who face problems with their erections. The article below tells us about the erectile dysfunction causes in 40s.

Almost 50% of the males, over 40 years of age, suffer from ED. It is a condition where a man is unable to get or hold hard long enough. This happens when there is insufficient blood flow to the genital organs. Low testosterone is the key reason. In women, levels of hormones like oestrogen and progesterone decrease with growing age; similarly in men, testosterone levels go down. Other erectile dysfunction causes in 40s could be:

• Performance anxiety

• Spinal cord injury

• Multiple sclerosis

• Penile abnormalities like curvature or foreskin problems

• Microvascular diseases from diabetes

• Depression or schizophrenia

• Nerve injuries

• Certain medicines like antidepressants

• Excessive alcohol

• Obesity

• Smoking and drugs

• Relationship stress

• Lack of exercise or inactivity

• Poor diet

The signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels in men over 40 years are:

• Decreased desire

• Fatigue and depression

• Decreased sense of well being

• Difficulty focusing

• Impotence

These low levels of testosterone, also known as hypogonadism, if not treated, can lead to several complications such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, obesity or decreased muscle mass. Hence, there are pills to get stronger erections which will help treat and eliminate erectile dysfunction causes in 40s.

How to get harder erections

Following are tips on how to get a hard on:

• Any food which is bad for the heart is also bad for a man's erections. Fried or fatty foods, which block the arteries, should be avoided.

• Avoid obesity. It could lead to diabetes and nerve damage.

• High cholesterol and high blood pressure can lead to nerve damage. Keep a check on them.

• Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. It could interfere with the normal levels of hormones and cause damage to liver and nerves.

• Exercise regularly. Swimming, running and other forms of cardio exercises are good for the blood circulation.

• Keep a tab on your testosterone levels. Treat symptoms like moodiness, low stamina, difficulty in focusing and lack of desire, seriously. Get help.

• Avoid anabolic steroids which sap the testicles.

• Stop smoking. It interferes with the blood circulation.

• Avoid unprotected lovemaking.

• Avoid stress. It leads to contraction of blood vessels which can affect blood circulation.

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