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Enjoy Video Calling on Google Hangout with Facebook Customer Service.

Connecting with your friends and family is always a special feeling when you are miles away from them. To get connected with your loved ones better, Google hangout allows you to make a video call so that you can talk to them face to face. A video call carries your emotions with your words, your expressions with your smile and your feelings with your voice. To get detailed help on the topic, you can take help from Facebook Customer Service and enjoy the service at its best.

You can add up-to 9 people in a Hangout video call to get connected with a lot of people together. Before you begin, you should check your system requirements for Hangout. You should take care of these things if you are going to make your first video call.

ª       You have to connect a camera, microphone and a speaker to your computer system. Check them if they are in proper working condition.

ª       You need to download and install the latest plug-in for Hangout, according to your browser.

ª       When you are asked to use your camera or microphone, choose ‘Allow’.

Once you have all the required arrangements done, you can begin with making a video call. To do so, you can follow these steps. For more information visit my website:

On Computer System

©       Open Gmail and go to from the sidebar.

©       You will see a hangout person list. Choose the person whom do you want to talk with and click on the name. To start a group video chat, you can select multiple people at a time.

©       Now click on the video camera icon. This will start the video call for you.

©       As soon as the person at the other end attends your call, you are good to go.

©       When done, tap the red button to end the call.

©       If you see any problem in the steps above you can contact Facebook Customer Service.

On Android Device

¨       You have to download Hangout app on your android device. Install the app and tap to open it.

¨       Tap the ‘Compose’ button at the bottom right corner.

¨       Now tap ‘New Video Call’.

¨       Choose the friends you want to chat with and wait for their response.

¨       Disconnect the call by pressing ‘End Call’.

On Apple Device

§      Tap to open the Hangout app.

§      Go to the bottom and tap ‘Contacts’.

§      Tap a friend’s name and tap ‘Video call’

§      If you are on iPad, you can just swipe right to left during a conversation.


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