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English Championship League, half time draw predictions for today, pool draws predictions

The English Championship League (EFL), the oldest football league in the world, has followers all over the globe. It was the top level competition since its foundation in 1888 to 1992 when the top clubs split away from the league. But this splitting made it more popular. Its followers enjoy soccer tournaments with betting.


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Also called the English Football League (EFL), its followers pool millions of dollars through online betting platforms in its matches. There was a time when the bettors had no option but to rely on their knowledge and information on betting to break the odds. But today they have tips like pool draws predictions to buy.

There is nothing unethical or illegal in buying tips but there are a few words of caution for soccer punters

  • No tipster irrespective of his information, knowledge, association and experience in betting could claim 100% success and those that make tall claims are frauds.
  • Winning rate of tipsters is only an indication of their past performance and not of future predictions. A tipster with high winning rate is more reliable than others with low strike rate but you should make an opinion on a tipster only after verifying his claims.
  • The only way of breaking odds is to break the odds and not to eavesdrop on betting syndicates or source crucial information regarding betting odds. A tipster has to sit down to calculate winning probabilities of contesting teams in order to find the winning team.
  • Tipsters give guaranteed tips only to attract bettors. And it is for punters to study the terms and conditions of the guarantee before relying on the words of the tippers.


  • Some tipster soccer sites offer free tips. These tips could be true but there will be no one to take responsibility for failed predictions. You should avoid relying on free tips until you are very sure about the knowledge and experience of the tipster site.
  • It is very difficult for a tipster to have mastery over all the football tournaments but some tippers have the ability to make near accurate soccer prediction sites regarding all soccer matches.
  • There is a scientific formula for breaking soccer betting odds and this formula gives surprising results when applied correctly.
  • There are many factors that can affect the outcome of a match and a tipper has to keep all these factors in mind when using that scientific formula.
  • Weather conditions, home ground advantage, injuries and last minute changes in the team make soccer betting more unpredictable.
  • There is nothing like match-fixingin football. The players are loyal to their clubs and nations hence they accept no bribe for playing at the behest of betting syndicates. The English Championship League is more like a culture for soccer players and followers and they want to keep its dignity intact.
  • You should never rush to buy half time draw predictions for today as you could make a mistake in the rush to buy a winning tip. When you want to bet with tips, you should take your time for doing research on bets and tips.




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Revelation that soccer matches are fixed could be startling for bettors but it is true and punters have to accept the truth. Football betting has become a multi-million dollar industry and the money in soccer betting is increasing every day.

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