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Effects of Drug Abuse During Pregnancy

Women WHO like substance abuse area unit at a bad of developing multiple social and health-related challenges, however, once it involves pregnant ladies, the challenges could get intense to a larger level. Prolonged substance abuse throughout physiological condition will negatively have an effect on the earliest stages of vertebrate development going away long-lived harmful antepartum and postnatal effects that stretch into a time of life and on the far side.


A woman WHO abuses medicine throughout the biological time could deliver a baby with serious innate anomalies. Such a baby might also be susceptible to addiction attributable to prolonged exposure to medicine whereas within the female internal reproductive organ.

Additionally, use of some substances will increase the danger of vertebrate miscarriage and cause megrim headaches, seizures or high pressure within the mother, that have associated adverse impact on the child. significantly, lady WHO abuses tobacco, marijuana or prescription painkillers faces a two- to threefold risk of delivering stillborn babies.

Drug abuse in pregnant yank ladies

According to the 2013 U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 5.4 % of all pregnant ladies reportable illicit drug use, while 9.4 % reportable alcohol use throughout the amount. whereas the rates of alcohol consumption throughout physiological condition have slashed significantly within the last 10-15 years attributable to larger public health awareness relating to the harmful effects of alcohol, several pregnant ladies refrain from coverage their substance abuse to doctors attributable to the worry of losing their baby to kid protecting services.

However, the introduction of painkillers, like oxycodone and different opioids, has triggered a growing trend of medicament abuse among several moms-to-be in America. excluding opioids, pregnant ladies are found to hunt skilled hospital ward treatment for different illicit medicine, like marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, tranquilizers and sedatives, and hallucinogens and PCP.

How will substance abuse have an effect on infants?


Drug abuse throughout physiological condition will hinder the traditional development of the baby's brain. The degree of disruption depends on multiple factors, such as chemical properties of the drug, number of doses, time and duration of exposure to the drug, etc. However, not all the disastrous effects of psychoactive drugs can be seen in the short-term. In fact, several anomalies remain hidden in the body and may surface as late as adolescence.

Heroin withdrawal during pregnancy may not be life-threatening for a healthy woman, but the unborn child certainly faces a high risk of fetal death. Besides, women who remain untreated for prescription opioid abuse may give birth to children exposed to acute opioid abstinence syndrome, a condition affecting opioid-exposed infants, with symptoms such as defects in the central nervous system (CNS), as well as in the respiratory, autonomic and gastrointestinal systems. Also, studies have shown a link between pregnant women using codeine in the first three months of pregnancy and congenital heart defects in infants.


Prenatal exposure to alcohol can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), which is the major nonhereditary cause of intellectual disability in the Western hemisphere. As many as five of 100 FASD-affected children in the U.S. manifest symptoms such as retarded growth, facial deformities, dysfunctional central nervous system and impaired intellect.

Leading a drug-free life

Screening for drug abuse and addiction should be a mandatory stage of obstetric care. Moreover, early in the first trimester, all pregnant ladies ought to be habitually checked for alcohol, tobacco and drug use, together with nonmedical use of prescription opioids and different over-the-counter medications. Above all, doctors, medical practitioners associated health care suppliers should adopt an unbiased, nonjudgmental and caring approach to get a comprehensive info relating to any instance of substance abuse among pregnant ladies.

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