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In recent years, YouTube video marketing has become the most popular pathway that swiftly increased with engaging customers. Due to video marketing aspects, there creates a high competition among the audience time and approach.

Every day millions of videos are being posted not all of the grabs the attention of the audience. Some videos may work well while others try to move forward. Do all videos get the best engagement rate?


The answer is No! Just check youTube today, you’ll witness millions of videos have no comments while other videos are trying to get views. To gain a higher engagement rate you need to have patience and strategic effort.


Here are simple strategies that can be utilized to boost up the video’s audience and increase engagement rate among your audience.


#1 Short duration receives more views:

Does the size of the youTube videos estimate the engagement?


To answer this query, think of the searching videos on YouTube. I’m sure that everyone will be checking for a video duration that is shorter comparatively than longer ones.


A recent analysis for YouTube videos reveals their performance rate that video between 16 to 120 seconds generates almost half of the YouTube views. Moreover, videos shorter than two minutes are able to make a good performance level compared to the longer videos. In a nutshell, it’s simple to grab the viewers to watch a shorter video rather than longer ones. Creating an editing work on YouTube video with a couple of minutes has the possible chance to increase the engagement and market it with other user’s


#2 Implement the vital SEO and marketing principles for YouTube:

The first and foremost thing that everyone needs to understand is the pathway to marketing skills is SEO. This increases the quality and quantity of YouTube traffic through marketing. The Youtube SEO might change your video to find on search, and the more number of times they appear on searches the views get increased up. 


Some of the SEO strategies for YouTube to increase your video engagement:


Keyword optimization. Take some time for keyword research that make your video to rank higher for the videos that you are expecting for. Make sure the keyword that you are targeting receives a decent search volume.


Promote tirelessly. Always make a point to promote your Youtube videos to get a decent audience and engagement. Buy Youtube subscribers for organic growth genuinely. Due to heavy competition on Youtube where other marketing media will try to increase their engagement. 


#3 Strongly support your audience to comment, share, and like your videos:

Engagement is completely a two-way road that wants sources from both the ends, you and your audience. With video likes, shares, and comments are some of the factors that help to calculate the engagement rate. You need to do some strong action to pull your viewers anyhow. 


Some of the Youtube viewers will skip off to the next video after finishing viewing, it’s a serious matter of fact that most of the videos have more likes and shares compared to the views. Also, the number of comments is smaller that requires a lot of effort where no one will do it by default.


Ultimately motivate the audience to like, share, and comment on your videos. Most of the YouTubers spare first and last few minutes in requesting their followers to do leave comments with questions, ideas for upcoming videos, or suggestions for improvements.


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Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working at She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years.

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