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Education Search Trends In India, An Online Perspective

India is a democratic country that is developing each and every single day. The technology is helping India to grow fast than anything else. Since past few years, India has observed a superior recognition in case of online search trends. Many students and the working professionals have joined this group in the past few years in order to search for Education online. It has become a trend at present. The number of people is accepting this trend to search for education online. The perspective of searching education online is increasing notably.

A study has shown that searching for higher education online has a magnificent growth. Google is such an online search engine that often brings out data around searches. The searches expose data as per the user's need and opinions. The internet provides you enormous survey reports against your queries. You will find all the answers that you might not able to find it through offline. The online search engine is such an encyclopedia that filters the education-oriented endless variety of queries and provides you with meaningful and relevant replies.


Popular Careers – Perhaps not so popular after all!

Most of the cases you find parents trying to superimpose their thoughts into their kids of becoming doctor or engineers. Previously, the parents used to visit the engineering colleges in Bangalore physically to get their kid's admission in a renowned engineering college. But it is definitely a difficult task for the parents to find a top graded college with a good career option.

And here comes the Internet facility with lots of services. While there are engineering and medical courses are considered as popular career choices, there are other streams too. There are lots of scopes now to do better in future with new career scope. A propagation of top colleges in India offers various career options that students are now stepping towards non-engineering and non-medical courses as well. The online search engines are exploring a new side of education which offers off bit career options.

As a result, Indian students are now opting for courses like regular graduation courses, Law, CA, Fashion designing, Interior designing as well. Research has shown students are choosing Chartered Accountancy as a career course with an exceeding percentage of 10-12%. Chartered Accountancy exam is one of the toughest exams where very few students can make it to 3rd slot. Similarly, low ranking subjects in regular graduation course are making up with almost 36%. Students prefer master degree and research-oriented studies as their future career option. If the kids want to become a lawyer or a fashion designer, parents do not have to worry much. Perhaps they are deciding to pursue something good. They have the search engines as their mentor which tells them the aspects of few steps ahead.


The pull of the University

Students can now have precise knowledge about a particular course and then they can hunt for specific colleges and universities. The can choose from a huge list of colleges about the future prospect and likewise, they can make up their mind. In fact colleges, those are enlisted online have a strong pull on students.

Monthly research status has shown that the best MBA colleges in India are pulling estimated 30 lakh searches monthly. In India, there are above 700 universities those are having more or less same estimated result. Some private colleges or Universities are there in our country those attract over thirty thousand searches per month.

The pull of private colleges in India has not known accurately as it is a bit difficult to figure out firstly. Instead of having a high-quality infrastructure, middle-class background students often fail to join those colleges. The modernization and superiority of higher education in private colleges are generating mercantile success at this same time.

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The rise of mobile

The billion internet users are trenching desktops for pocket-friendly phones. The rise of mobile surpassed the visit by 45% on the desktop web during the same period of time. At the present scenario, nine out of ten students have internet access on their mobile and they are using it nearly 80% of the time. Students adore their mobiles for surfing the internet. The mobile internet search is increasing by 30% every day as because desktop searches are either stagnant or slow down in some cases. Data is revealing the fact that India has clearly leapfrogged the desktop generation.


Those days are gone when students and their parents have to rely on institutions to get sufficient information. In order to make education appropriate, accessible and sensible online search is making all the possible way to achieve the students to achieve their ultimate dream! Whatever the future may be, let the students grow in the society as per their choice. In this brave new world with its new technique, let the students create their own world to thrive in their own manner.


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