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Economic benefits of online casinos are likely to outweigh opposition

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During the past two decades, the online casino industry has expanded dramatically. According to studies done by different casino associations, the industry has developed because it takes everything together. For example, CMD368 casino offers complete gambling experience that includes lottery and betting.

The study also indicates at “problem gambling” that is people committing crimes like robbery and bank frauds and lying to family and friends to get funds for gambling. But these people constitute around 1% of the total gambling population. Also, it would be wrong to blame CMD368 for bad habits because these people take gambling as a source of income and for this reason rely too much on casinos.

Here’re the findings of studies done on expansion of casino industry 

About users

  1. A large number of gamblers belong to lower to middle income group that want to enjoy gambling but without risking their savings.
  1. Number of higher income group people is also increasing but they are limited only to selected casinos.
  1. Housewives also constitute a small number of online gambling populations.
  1. Young generation like college students and management graduates are also taking interest in online gambling. But their number is too small.

About spending

  1. So far, gamblers from lower to middle income group are spending the largest amount on gambling activities that include lottery and betting.
  1. Housewives come on the second number on spending.
  1. High-income group gamblers come third in spending on casino activities.

About gambling preference

  1. Casino games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette wheel and slots are the first preference of online gamblers.
  1. Lottery comes on second because it is more like a source of income than a game.
  1. Betting on sporting events is high only during big events like FIFA.

Time spent on gambling

  1. Average time spend on gambling is 1-2 hours everyday but it is increases to up to 4 hours on weekends and holidays.

Employment generation

Legalizing casinos has a direct impact on employment. It is found that countries where gambling is legalized have higher employment (8%) than those without casinos.

Tax benefits

  1. Taxes from casinos are much lower in comparison to taxes collected from other industries but casino taxes help governments avoid spending cuts or increasing taxes on other areas.

Impact on other industries

  1. Lottery companies registered a steep decline in their sales after the online casinos started expanding but they never targeted the people that constitute a large number of gambling population.
  1. Betting on sporting events remain largely unaffected due to its association with sports. People that love sports take interest in betting.
  1. Online gaming industry is facing toughest competition from casinos.

Opposition to casino expansion

  1. Casinos are alleged to promote bad habits like alcoholism and crime in society.
  1. Social organizations decry casinos for distracting students.
  1. Some casinos operate illegally and cause losses to the tune of millions of dollars to the governments.

But the casino industry is thriving despite opposition. Also, the governments find the allegations leveled against casinos are baseless.

Myth: Casinos promote bad habits

People with bad habits play casino games. Casino games require presence of mind with high level of intelligence instead of an alcoholic mind. Addicts and criminal can never get success in casino games.

Myth: Casinos distract students

There are many things that are distracting. For example, take movies and online content like Netflix that is more distracting than casinos.

Myth: Casinos operate illegally

There are many businesses operating illegally. But it is for the government to make strict rules to discourage illegal businesses.

What is the most important finding of casino studies?

Online casinos take every activity that is in anyway related to gambling together. For example, take lottery that registered a steep decline when the casinos start expanding. But today lottery has become a part of casino industry.

Online casinos are working with lottery companies to make lottery more interesting. Availability of online tickets and live telecast of lottery draw are some of the ways that promote lottery. Also, gamblers can view past results to make winning numbers.

Gamblers that are also sports fans take interest in betting during sports seasons like FIFA that is the biggest festival of odds judi bola live on earth. They get betting odds on casinos. Also, they can find tipsters on casinos.

What is the biggest strength of casinos?

The study found convenience as the biggest factor in the expansion of kasino live Indonesia. Online gambling is made convenient to attract people of all income groups and ages. 

Convenience of finding: It is easier to locate and access online casinos than driving long distances to access physical facilities. Quick accessibility attracted people to gambling.

Convenience of playing: Online casinos give bonus that is free money and it is for gambling. People can easily find casinos and get bonus for playing. It is dual advantage that makes online gambling irresistible.

Convenience of winning: Online casino games are tweaked to make them customer friendly. For example, take online permainan slots terbanyak that come with multiple reels and tens of winning lines that increases winning chances. Similarly, video poker is made for those that are new to this game.


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Convenience of investment: For online gambling, you need a gambling account that is like your savings account. Bonus and winnings would be credited to this account and gambling money would be deducted from the account. Having a dedicated account for gambling would make it easier to keep tab over your spending.

Which is the biggest gainer in casino expansion?

Sportsbook online Indonesia is so far emerged as the biggest gainer. It is so because betting is the only activity that people of all ages and different income groups enjoy. The number of bettors has increased rapidly with the expansion of casinos.

What is the future of casino expansion?

Mobile casino in Indonesia is the future of online gambling industry. In future all casinos would be available on mobiles. A simple mobile application would provide the real pleasure of gambling in the most convenient manner.


























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