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Dog Doors-The Pros and The Cons

Every dog owner knows, how effective and use dog doors can be. There are both advantages and some disadvantages of using the best dog doors. If you are always busy at work or spend long hours outside your home, then a dog door can be of some help. Altogether the onus is on you to properly understand the pros and cons of these doors before getting them installed.

Benefits of dog doors

Let’s begin by checking out the benefits of the dog doors than every pet owner should be aware of. The convenience is the most important benefit of a dog door. If you spend too much time away from home, that can be because of long working hours or going on a vacation, a dog door provides you the convenience of not having your neighbor check on your pet.

Another important benefit of installing dog doors is that they provide an opportunity to your pet to release his energy when you are not around to take him for a walk. Dogs are very active by their nature and need to play outside to calm their agitation or else the result can be really destructive. Pet experts advise owners to make sure their home has enough place so that their pets can place outside.

House breaking is easy when you have a dog door installed and it doesn’t take a lot of time to teach dogs how to use these doors. If you have an elder dog at home, then puppies can easily learn from him how to use the door. In case of any emergency, the best dog door helps      to breakout of home easily.

All these benefits can compel you to get a door installed for your pets, but we are not done yet. Now you need to know about the cons of dog doors as well so that you can decide for yourself.

Disadvantages of dog doors

The major con of the dog doors is the safety concern. Installation of a dog door should be decided based on the area you live in. If your residence in a region where wild animals like coyotes are prevalent then you might not want your dog to go outside when you are not at home. Same threat is there if you have a pool in your home. Leaving your dog on its own with a dog door and a pool is not a wise decision. Not only your wet dog can traipse your entire home, but it can be dangerous for your dog to swim unsupervised.

Danger of wild animals entering your house is also relevant if you have a dog door installed. Furthermore dog doors are not appropriate to be used if you have cats in your home or if your yard is not fenced. Speaking from the point of dog psychology, a dog door can indicate unsupervised freedom for your dog that can make him disobedient. Alpha dogs can see this as an indication that they are incharge and can roam whenever they want.

So keeping these pros and cons into consideration, decide whether you need a dog dor or not. 


Even the best dog doors need to be chosen with care. Experts suggest a best dog door is not going to keep your pet safe, and its on you to take care of.  


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