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Dog Doors-How To Find The Right Fit

Many people see a dog door as a welcome sign for thieves when in reality they are a way to provide unmatched freedom to your fluffy pet. We suggest every pet owner to consider the benefits of best dog doors over the few disadvantages. Now if you are willing to install a best door for your pet so that it can enjoy the freedom and release its energy, then we have a few tips for you so that you can select the right fit.

Type of dog doors

Your first selection criteria has to be the style of the dog door. There are basically 3 types of dog doors to choose from. Depending on the living condition, the size of your dog and his personality you can choose:

A classical flap dog door-We all are aware of the traditional flap dog doors that are still prevalent. These dog doors are advised for living situations where you have fenced yards and your pet has limited access to the surroundings. Also, these dog doors need to be installed for smaller dogs as they are no spacious enough for any burglar.

Hard plastic dog doors- With all the features of a flap dog door these also have an advanced feature of a lock mechanism which makes them suitable for large dog breeds. As you can lock them, they are as secure as any other door and pose no threat of house-breaking.

Electronic or magnetic dog doors-Really intelligent dog doors, these one operate in conjunction with a pet collar. Basically, they only allow entry or exist to your pet when attempts to use it, otherwise it remains locked. This adds security as no wild animal can enter through them. However, these are the costliest of all the three types.

Installation tips for pet owners

Once you have decided which type of dog door is suitable for your home, the next logical step is to consider what location is ideal for installation. There are only two locations to install a dog door i.e. either in the wall or in the door. Depending on model of your home you might want to install a dog door at a location where it is concealed from the people. The next choice is the material of the dog door and its frame. There are metal as well as plastic frames available. Plastic frames are only suitable only if you have a small dog as larger breeds can easily break these frames. For such breed metal frames like solid aluminum frames are more suitable. Additional feature to consider is a sliding glass insert. If you live in a rented place than a spring loaded sliding glass makes it possible to remove and take your dog door with you.

At last you want to consider the actual size of the dog door based on the breed, age and personality of your dog. If you have multiple dogs then it makes sense to size the dog door so that the largest as well as the smallest dog can pass through it. 


Best dog doors are the ones that can be easily used by your pet. Metal framed flap door is the best dog door for most pets.


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