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DIY Asbestos Removal – State Laws in Australia

Do-it-yourself asbestos removal is not recommended and is even forbidden by law in some states of Australia, for instance, in the Australian Capital Territory, all the space dust removal work must be carried out by a licensed asbestos removal. In all other States and territories, it is possible for an unlicensed person to remove non-friable forms of asbestos so long as the area is no larger than 10 square meters.


In this article, will look at the most important information to assist in reducing the risk of asbestos exposure to you and everyone in the immediate vicinity if you decide to remove asbestos yourself.


Things to Consider When Removing Asbestos

Asbestos removal is a process that is fraught with risk for anyone undertaking the procedure. If you find asbestos in your property, the safest and easiest method of removing it from your home is to contact an asbestos removal specialist who can advise you on what needs to be done. Asbestos abatement companies are able to use specialised tools to identify affected areas in advice on removing them safely. Sadly, in an effort to cut costs from their renovation Project, many homeowners will neglect the safety aspect and attempt to remove asbestos from their home themselves.


  • Non-licensed parties undertaking non-friable asbestos removal work must be deemed competent in order to do so. individuals must have completed some form of training, have industry experience and the proper equipment.
  • Even if you are trained and have the proper equipment, asbestos removal can still expose a number of very serious health risks to those carrying out the removal.
  • On average, 10 square metres is the size of one wall of an average-sized bathroom. Asbestos removal all tasks will usually involve the larger areas of asbestos come and therefore in most cases a licensed asbestos removal this will be required.
  • Most health insurance policies will not take responsibility for any work that relates to asbestos. If you are planning on removing asbestos from your property it is important to be aware and remember that DIY asbestos removal also involves safely disposing of the materials. Failing to correctly dispose of the materials can lead to large fines and even imprisonment in some circumstances.


What You Need Before You Start


If you have decided that you are going to remove asbestos from your property, you must have the right equipment to ensure your risk of exposure is as low as possible. Irrespective of your state of residence, the risk of exposure to asbestos fibres must be minimised at all times during the removal process. Again, failing to abide by these laws may expose you too large fines from your state organisation. Hiring a Brisbane asbestos removal professional is the easiest way to ensure you’re abiding by state laws and not putting yourself at physical and financial risk.


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