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Discover Best Turkish Delight Dubai

The people of Abu Dhabi are extremely friendly and welcoming and play a great host to their guests. It is a great holiday destination which guarantees an enriching and relaxed get-away from our day-to-day hectic and rushed schedules. Due to the existence of multi-ethnic culture it provides a variety of experiences to its tourists or visitors. When you wish to enjoy your holiday to its fullest make sure you travel itineraryincludes fine details relating to your culinary desires. You can check out many cuisines as per your sense of taste and preferences. However one is always suggested never to miss out on Turkish Food Abu Dhabi. It has the pleasantly surprising ability to satiate your taste palate like no other cuisine. It is considered to be one amongst the healthiest diets around the world.

The ingredients used in Turkish food are very nourishing and fresh. It includes fresh veggies, fish, lamb, wheat and so on. Also it is prepared using everyone’s favourite most sought after olive oil which helps to reduce heart risk and is equally nourishing for our skin and body.Turkish cooking is an enigmatic and tasteful union of the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

In order to explore the top variety of Turkish food you should always first check out the Turkish restaurants for a unique experience. Best Turkish Delight Dubai can prove to be an enriching experience and also it is quite affordable. The best way to start your meal is through fittingly selected soups. Lentil Soup prepared from hearty lentils with paprika butter and herb croutons warms the heart. Tomato Soup is an all time favourite that tastes like homemade tomato soup with herb croutons.

One rare and flavoursome dish you don’t want to miss is the Kasarli Kofte. Kashar cheese filled meatballs served with fries, white rice and grilled fresh vegetables. It is relished alongside hot and steamy rice. Manti is officially called dumplings in the Western World, a Manti is a simple appetizer dish created in two parts: delectable dough and a filling. The filling often consists of lamb or chickpeas which are then steamed. It is best served with yoghurt as well as garlic and sumac.

In order to have a wholesome experience of Turkish delights do not forget to complete your meal with a beautiful and lip-smacking selection of desserts. It ranges from the world famous baklava to an assortment of pastries, pies, puddings and sweet dishes.

Saraydan Turkish Restaurant makes for a lovely Turkish café for a relaxing bite to eat. The Turkish décor amidst contemporary settings ever fails to make an instant first impression, with a multihued color design and an assortment of creative ottoman arts mounted on the walls.


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