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Different type of Flanges and Its Varieties

The materials utilized to link the pipes, valves, pumps, and numerous other similar equipment to create a pipework system are flange. Flanges Manufacturer in India is responsible for distributing superior quality flanges across the country. They also ensure constant supply and on-time delivery. 




Flanges are naturally threaded or welded, and two flanges are then joined together by using gaskets to bolt them. It then forms a seal that offers better piping system access. Several varieties of these flanges present, such as weld neck flanges, blind flanges, socket weld flanges, weld neck flanges, etc. 


One of the most popular grades of forged flange includes A1822 F22 forged flange. These flanges are typically made up of low alloy steel grades. It typically comprises 2.25% chromium along with the alloy. These are primarily used in several applications like block valves, wellhead connectors, hangers, etc. It is known for its rigidity and durability. It is frequently utilized as the foundation metal for clad machinery or components. 


316 Stainless Steel Flanges is one of the most famously used grades. It is widely known for its high tensile strength and long-lasting ability. They usually are present in several varieties. Customization is also possible according to the requirements and wants of the customers. These flanges function smoothly and are considered essential in the current world. These are also present in different dimensions and sizes, along with a varying range of thickness. 


This grade is very famous since it comprises molybdenum, which offers higher protection against corrosion and rusting. It can also endure any harsh or rough conditions such as chloride environments.


Pipe Fittings


Alloy steel fittings are normally used widely due to its application in the pipeline’s installation. These are manufactured from superior quality alloy steel with a higher strength to endure harmful gases and chemicals. It is primarily used in the applications that are considered sensitive in nuclear industries and power generations to control the dangerous materials damaging to both the animals and humans in case it leaks. It also guarantees an effortless and faster installation of the pipelines. There are several pressure ratings along with the different sizes. 


The grade known across the world and is considered very beneficial is known as the stainless steel slip on flange. It is primarily utilized for closing the end of the valve or pipe. The slip-on flange is described as a flange with an extending face from the pipe’s end by adequate distance to put on the welded bead to the internal diameter. These flanges tend to skid over the pipe and are bigger than the pipe. 


Another popular type of pipe fitting includes ASME B16.9 Elbow. These are primarily used for joining two pieces or parts of pipes together without neglecting the entire pipe’s integrity. This type is normally useful for the applications of medium or small-sized piping. There are many other types of materials that are also used in the development of the fittings. There are numerous types, shapes, and sizes of the elbows available as well. This one is considered to comprise of lengthier bending radius as compared to the normal. It is normally helpful for removing the immediate pressure changes or modifications on the inside.


Alloy Steel Flanges


Industrial Steel Pipe Fittings

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