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Difference between In-House and Agency Content Marketing

There are three (3) major differences between in-house and agency content marketing.  Those differences are time usage, expertise and cost.  Each difference will be examined individually although, in the real world, they are completely intertwined aspects of content marketing.


Time Usage

You are a business owner considering doing content marketing on an in-house basis.  Creation of an in-house team is a complicated and time-consuming process.  Too many times content creation and marketing on an in-house basis is passed on as additional duties to current staff who may have no expertise in either content creation or content marketing.  Ill trained, or ill-suited personnel can lead to great calamities in the content marketing field.  

You need to ask yourself if you really have the time and expertise yourself to put together and competent and successful content marketing staff.  Well crafted resumes do not always ensure the best person for the job.  Trial and error can occur which is an additional time drain.

A content marketing agency will spend far less time in assembling a group of highly trained professionals that can both create content and market that content effectively.  Why?  To run a successful content marketing agency, the owner must know the business and possess a high degree of professionalism.  Also, any content marketing agency worth the money will have proven results for other clients to show prospective clients.

From a time usage perspective, would you rather deal with one person or several?  Content marketing agencies have the edge in this area.


It is highly unlikely that in-house staff will possess all the skills across the board to provide a business with highly successful content marketing.  One person may be decent at content creation but have no idea how to market the content.  Others may be great marketers but have no talent in creating the content itself.

Content marketing agencies will have trained professionals from content creators to project managers to content marketers to analytical experts.  In short, content marketing agencies will provide your business with the whole enchilada.  Agencies come out on top in the area of expertise without a doubt.


On the surface it may appear that using an in-house staff is less costly than hiring a content marketing agency.  Once you start analysing the cost of each employee that you will need to hire for your team, costs begin to grow almost exponentially.  There are not only salaries, but you have to add benefits, insurance coverage, etc… to you costs.  And, even after you have spent all the money for your staff, you have no guarantee that you have hired a successful content marketing staff.

You can hire a content marketing agency for a set fee.  On its face, you may look at the cost and think it is way out of line with what you should pay.  Fees associated with content market agencies generally will run 30% less than hiring your own staff.  Lower cost of hiring a content marketing agency again wins out over hiring content marketing staff in-house.

The differences are clear and pronounced.  Content marketing agencies come out on top 3 to 0 on all the considerations that we have examined.  If you are looking for the best results and best return on investment (ROI), then hire a good content marketing agency.

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