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Design your dream partner with AI love dolls

Do you want to experience your dark fantasies? Do you have a hidden dream, one that you have cultivated during your growing up days and now feel, it is impractical? Technology has made it possible to live your pleasure dreams without cheating your partner. Thanks to the advancement in elastomer engineering, the latest entrant in the adult industry, the realistic sex dolls look like real women. They are mostly developed with silicone and TPE materials. Both polymers are used in the medical industry as breast implants and in medical devices.

Since they are hypoallergenic substances and have a human like texture, they can be safely used for intimate purpose. Another important reason for their usage is that they can be moulded and sculped easily because of their high boiling and melting point. This also makes it feasible for creating custom sex doll for each client. The dolls are not mass produced, but each doll is hand made according to the desire of the customer, giving each client, the option of designing his own sexual partner which is not possible in real life. You can send an image of your sexy girl next door to the doll company and your personal silicone wife will be developed according to your specifications.  

Hence each life size doll have a different persona. The real doll can be your perfect alliance, with the perfect body and facial style you always imagined in your dream partner. Yes, you can choose the height, the breast size, the colour of the skin, the eyes, the toenails and even the colour of her vagina. The sexual organs are made of textured skin with a light suction machine to provide the real experience. Each part of the 140cm sex doll is anatomically correct and realistically sculped right to fold of the vagina. They are super flexible and can be put into any sexual position you dare not try with real women.

The real doll is further enhanced with AI features making them irresistible. They have an embedded self-heating technology and an advance touch sound technology. Doll companies use deep learning algorithm to record a voice you desire and develop small sentences and moaning sound like pleasure sounds of real women. When you make with them, you will feel like real sex robot in action

What more you can want for, with these reasonably priced dolls when you can satisfy all your sensual wants in your own style and taste. Moreover, these kinds of stuff is easily available in online stores and you get due guidance for designing your personal love doll through their expert customer support.

There are female customers ordering them for their partner living outside the city. One customer admitted that the realistic doll helps them in keeping the fire burning in a long distance relationship and keeps her partner from cheating. Some customers have even given fancy names to their dolls

My-doll is a one stop online store of all types of TPE love dolls: life size doll, anime sex doll, bbw sex doll, small sex doll, skinny sex doll and shemale sex doll. They are all made of premium quality TPE material for out of the world sensual experience.




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Kathy Jones is a relationship counselor, giving practical solutions to matters of the heart like the use of real sex dolls to treat loneliness

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