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Design and Price: Two Important Factors for Any Pipe

As pipe smokers, it’s not strange to come across so many tobacco blends. However, only a small number of smokers care about the right pipe that makes smoking tobacco possible.

The humble pipe continues to play an essential role in the smoking subculture even after a few thousand years. But most people still consider pipes and pipe smoking an elitist activity. Such a belief doesn’t help anyone, especially new pipe smokers.

In this article, we’ll consider two things that matter most when we buy smoking pipes and other tobacco accessories.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pipes and Pipe Accessories

#1 Pipe Mechanics

If you’re in the market to buy a pipe, pay attention to the pipe's construction. It usually confuses new smokers. Check for the following:

Misaligned parts

Every pipe has a stem – the thin part – and a stummel – the chubby half. Just as the ten on tightly matches the mortise, the stem links with the stummel. It gives the smoke a smooth travel to the lip from the chamber. If the parts do not align well, smoking will be inconsistent resulting in wet or loud smoke.


Manufacturers use putty to seal gaps in briar to give a smooth feel, but the fill needs to be deep. No one can guarantee that.

Here, the manufacturer has used putty to plug any gaps or pits in the briar to provide a consistent, smooth feel. The issue is somewhat consistent so you never know how deep the fill is.

Metal filters

Removing these from the stem causes louder and wetter smoke.


Manufacturers prefer to finish their pipes in different ways. Varnish can highlight the wood color and make the grain prominent. However, it can cause the outside to bubble or flake over time.

Many pipes come with high-quality varnish, so they may not show this behavior.

Draft hole

The best position for the draft hole is the center of the bowl’s bottom. This position ensures an optimal smoke stream. Some manufacturers position it much higher.


Many smokers prefer a lighter pipe because they believe it makes the smoke better. But the appropriate pipe should feel lighter than it is. That’s evidence that it passed through much curing.


The grain doesn't quite enhance the smoke. It's good for the eyes, though. Pipes with more uniform grains usually cost more.

#2 Price

Have a reasonable budget when you go shopping for a pipe. It's easy to go over any amount you plan to spend. When this happens often, it makes smoking an expensive hobby.

The amount you pay for a pipe usually reflects its quality. Quality means the raw material and mode of manufacturing. A stable pipe should offer you good smoking experiences for a long time, but it will cost you good money too. Even if it’s a rotation pipe, don’t spend all you have on it.


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