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Criteria for choosing your Domain Name Registrar:

The smartest thing before accepting any Cheap Hosting Website is that you value the type of accommodation you have or the one you could hire. Let's see below the different options that exist:

- Free Hosting: Hiring a service at zero cost offers as many benefits as you can expect; limited and full of advertising. This option could be useful if you are learning and want to set up a website to do tests.

- Shared hosting: It is a web hosting service that shares resources with other users who are also clients. You share expenses, with the disadvantage that the reputation of your domain can be affected by the misuse of third parties.

- Virtual hosting (VPS): These virtual servers work as if they were not shared, reserving your resources to prevent them from running out when other websites receive traffic spikes. In reality, these share, in turn, resources with the real server.

- Dedicated hosting: This is one of the most exclusive options that you can hire for your website since you have all the resources available to host content on it.

- Cloud hosting: It is a very flexible option in which you only pay for what you consume since the resources of different web servers are combined through virtual technology.

As you can see, you can make the first decision knowing the differences between the types of web hosting that exist. But think that then each Domain Name Registrar is going to offer you different options, and their things are already complicated. So, consider following criteria:

- The ease of access to the management panel to avoid queues every time you need to make a request to your hosting service.

- The storage space that your page needs, which is usually approximately 1 GB in medium-sized pages, and can reach 4GB if it is e-commerce with many high-resolution product images.

- While choosing Best Domain Registrar, do not miss to check the bandwidth, transfer volume, or amount of data that users can download monthly from your website.

- The loading speed that the server can offer to avoid being penalized by Google for a bad WPO. For example, SSDs and even a delivery content network are often recommended to reach clients located in other parts of the world.

- The number of email accounts that you can create from your domain, with which you can send on behalf of your web project.

- The hours and quality of the support service, so that they can attend to any type of incident on your page.


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