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Creative Ways To Collect Customer Email Addresses Legally

As a Digital Marketer, you must follow best practices while collecting email addresses legally of customers.


The best way to collect email addresses with consent from potential customers is by effectively using social media platforms and helpful websites. There are many businesses who buy email addresses, which is illegal as you do not have the consent of the person, so businesses must avoid doing that.


When you use the Best SMTP Server Services for Email Marketing, you can also take advantage of their Bulk Email Marketing Tools and features. The main feature you must look for is Can-Spam Compliance feature.


Your aim must be to follow ethical and creative ways for email address collection for your business:


  • Create Educational PDFs: When you offer page visitors something worth like an educational PDF, they are more likely to sign up or subscribe to receive your emails.


  • Upload your educational PDFs on Udemy: Alternatively, upload your PDFs on Udemy for a small fee. When anyone who wants to download the PDF they get directed to your website and you can ask them to subscribe, it is that simple.


  • Run contests on Social Media Sites: Contests are super fun, who doesn’t love them. When you run a contest on your social media pages, you can ask visitors to sign up for the contest with their email address and participate in the contest. However do mention they if they loved being in the contest, by signing up they accept receiving information regarding future contests through emails.


  • Create a Facebook page: How to collect email addresses from Facebook? Facebook is a great platform to gather email addresses legitimately, create a page, send invites to friends and friends of friends, once they join your page you can collect their addresses. Join paid Facebook groups for a niche target customers.


  • Contact Form on Facebook page: Having a contact form on Facebook page is also a good way to have people to sign up for future offers, freebies etc.


  • Run Ads on Facebook: Since Facebook is also a very huge platform, creating a target based Ad campaign on Facebook will fetch a lot of relevant traffic to your website and a way to prompt site visitors to sign up with their email addresses.


  • Upload informative video on YouTube: Uploading YouTube video with a link to your website in the description will take viewers to your site contact form page, an effective and efficient way to collect email addresses.


  • Post beautiful pictures of your products and services on Instagram: Instagram is not just for people posting pictures of food they eat or beautiful locations they have visited. If you run a clothing business, then this is where you can create and post beautiful and aesthetic pictures related to the products. When people like your pictures, they will love to subscribe to your emails and also agree to receive correspondence from you.


  • Create Pin Board on Pinterest: Pinterest is another platform which is proven way to generate traffic to your website, make sure you add the contact page as your landing page so that visitors are prompted to first sign up with their email address. Just make sure your pin is great looking with beautiful and shareable infographics.


  • Have a webinar on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is another super platform where you will attract the right audience to become your email subscribers. Join LinkedIn groups that relate to your business and invite people to attend your webinar, when people register with their email address make you mention on registration that they are willing to receive your emails in the future.


  • LinkedIn Ads: Running Ad campaigns on LinkedIn will also help you bring in target subscribers to your website.


  • Pop-ups on website: Don’t you love pop-up cards? A surprise lying within. Use this concept on your website too, where the page visitor fills in their email address to receive future blog posts or newsletters.


  • Contact Form on website: This is a great and most basic way of asking visitors to fill the form for any queries they may have. Just make sure the contact form is connected with your email address and you are receiving the test emails. And make the form simple and easy to fill, keep it short, no one likes to fill long boring forms.


  • Connect with offline customers: Connecting with offline customers by sending a newsletter through post and asking them to visit your website to subscribe to your email address to receive digital newsletters instead of getting a post. This way you are not only prompting them to become email subscribers but you will also save paper and postage amount.


Once, you are successful in collecting email addresses, utilize Autoresponder Email Marketing to send Welcome emails to new subscribers and make sure you send follow-up emails from time to time to make sure they agree to receive emails from you and are sharing relevant content with them.


The above creative ways to collect emails will definitely keep your email subscriber list growing and all of the addresses are acquired legally. So go get your subscribers number up and send beautiful campaign emails to them.


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