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Coworking and Virtual Offices – Workspace Redefined

Workspaces have gone through a lot of change in the last few years. They have morphed from small workrooms, to cubicles, to open workspaces. Most companies or businesses had to rent or purchase office spaces that would require a significant amount of investment. However, with changing times concepts like coworking and virtual offices have become a reality.

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a voluntary and flexible work style based on mutual trust and shared common values between the participants. Coworking means a shared workplace or an office and independent tasks. The people who are coworking, are often not employed by the same organization. It is attractive for independent contractors, independent scientists, work at home professionals or professionals who have to travel a lot and end up working in isolation. Coworking is a solution to isolation and solitude that are experienced by many freelancers.

Coworking is different from incubators, business accelerators and executive suites as they miss the collaborative, social and informal aspects of the process.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a flexible workspace without having to bear capital expenses of leasing or owning a traditional office. It may include personnel, digital storage, physical space and communication services. Customers usually pay a fee for this and the services offered may be a la carte, packages or membership subscriptions. It offers the flexibility for self-employed entrepreneurs, employees or freelancers to work from a home office, satellite office, remote location or on the go mobile device.

A company can offer its employees and clients a stable home office with access to amenities like conference rooms, receptionist, mailboxes, desk space, faxing and printing at a permanent address, that is owned and maintained by third-parties or virtual office providers. A virtual office can also provide digital capital such as web hosting, cloud storage, email and web-based applications. Small businesses or entrepreneurs can take virtual office space for rent for easy management of business.

There are quite a few Coworking and Virtual Office space providers in the United States, in Georgia. Some of them are:

Valdosta Shared Office Space: If you are looking for a good coworking space in Valdosta GA or a virtual office, then these guys will help you in providing innovative workspace solutions. Valdosta Shared Office Space offers cost-effective, professional office space with the infrastructure support. The space is well organized, and they have a flexible floor plan to meet your requirements.

Peerspace: Peerspace is a web portal through which you can book spaces either for work or personal purposes. You can find conference rooms, coworking spaces, studies and meeting rooms in Georgia. It allows hosts to display their spaces for rent and business owners to connect with the hosts if they like their space.

Davinci: Davinci is a coworking and virtual office space provider. They have day offices, conference rooms, boardrooms, hot desks and work spaces along with amenities like LCD projector, TV/DVD player, internet, video conferencing and catering options.

There are a few other portals that bring sellers and buyers together like Liquidspace, Hourlyspaces as well as third-party office space providers like Servcorp and Regus who have added to the market.

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