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Connecting to Netgear extender but it showing access is limited- Call +1 (888) 316 0396

When router is not enough for your specific area of the room to utilize the network, go and purchase Netgear Extender. Sometimes, when you try to connect the Netgear setup page with your main devices such as laptop, desktop or PC, you get a prompt message " device is not connected to registered network" even if you already connected to the right router network name.
The main reason for the connection failure of internet from the extender is the location of your router, extender and the device. If your extender is far away from the router, definitely you are going to face weak signals. The position of your extender should be halfway between your PC and router in an area where there is a strong signal from the network.
In case you find ” limited Connection” or ‘no Connection” errors during the Netgear extender setup, don't forget to call our tech team on +1(888) 316 0396.
  • May be your devices are loosely coupled, so make sure all the devices are well connected.
  • If you are bridging the wrong configuration for connecting the router with Netgear extender and device, so of course you will face "no internet connection". Make sure you are using the same password and admin for both.
  • You have a better option of a DNS connection. DNS IP address in router DHCP settings can fix the internet problem.
  • Restart the router 
  • Restart Netgear again
WiFi extenders are used where the internet signal show themselves weak. With it, all the dead spots of the internet at your home or offices can be enlightened with the full speed network. You will enjoy fast and seamless internet without the need for any troubleshooting or tech team for network uncertainty.
Shift the Location of Wi-Fi Extender
The most common cause of connection failure from the extender is the position the device has been installed in relation to the router. If Wi-Fi starts in the room and you have a weak signal in the room, position your extender halfway between your PC and router in an area where there is strong signal from the network.
Reset the Login Password
If you have set up your extender manually, i.e., you prefer not to use the WPS offered by the TP-Link model and others, it is important to review the completed authentication data. Because extenders use the same SSID to extend the connection, you must have adequate access to the router that sends the primary signal. Without the correct password, it will not work, leaving your Wi-Fi signal weak.
Change router channel
Even with extenders, a Wi-Fi network can have faults unrelated to signal range. In an area with many concurrent networks, your connection may have interfered with channel congestion, which can be resolved by tuning directly to the router. Go over IP in a browser and change channel five bands up - if you're connected to channel 10, choose 15, for example. This will definitely solve the problem occurred due to adjacent channel interference. If not, then you should contact experts.



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