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Compare Arctic hare vs rabbit vs Bunny

In this world there are many species are living in different locations.  And most of the species were differ from their dub class, so the same thing is available here. This article let you know about arctic hare, rabbit, and bunny. These three animals come from the different subclass with interesting characteristics, so it is a perfect choice for those who want to know and improve their skills about arctic hare, rabbit and also a bunny.
People often confuse with other rodents as well like Squirrel vs chipmunk. Some animals are similar in appearance and it is difficult to distingusih between them. 
Facts about arctic hare
The arctic hare is a non-familiar species in this world, but their characteristics are really amazing. Usually, they are living in the very cold locations of Alaska, northern Greenland and also northern Canada. Arctic hares are quite large and common and are in no danger of extinction. And they have grown up to 70 cm long throughout their life.  They are well suited for the cold surroundings to live. And it has smaller ears compare to rabbits and bunny. And they don’t lose too much of heat.  And they prevent themselves from heat and cold with the help of their thick fur and the thick fur also help them to walk on snow as per their comfort and convenience.
Facts about rabbit
Rabbits are molt and grow new hair in the season of both springs and fall. It has the brown fur that contributes them to prevent the cold and heat from the environment. Moreover, rabbits are a very social animal and live in homes. Mostly the male rabbits are fighting within their group to dominate other male rabbits. It loves to eat soft stems, grass, vegetables.  It is small mammals with small tails, fluffy, whiskers and distinctive
long ears. Commonly the rabbits are more hyperactive to play, eat and each and every activity throughout their lives.
Facts about bunny
Bunnies can have multiple litters each year, giving birth to up to nine babies at each at the time.  In a while, they are born without anyone to help in a shallow hole lined with grass and their mamma’s fur.  Bunnies shed like crazy and can get hairballs from grooming themselves.  And it gets boring easily because it is similar to the human beings. And they need chances to socialize, plenty of space to run around and plenty of toys to keep them entertained.  And the bunnies teeth and nails never stop growing, and they cannot vomit, so it is super important to feed them only healthy, appropriate fresh food.
Who will win the game?
The hare, rabbit and bunny three of them are coming from the same class that mammal in the order the Lagomorpha. People are eagerly waiting to know about the winner of these three, so now this article let you know about the winner. These three animals are similar to each other but the hare slightly dominant other two species of rabbit and bunny. The rabbit and bunny are the socialize animals, so they are not providing the good defense, but hare lives in the loneliest location of snow, so they know how to handle the fights within their group and other species also.
The hare has sharp nails that contribute them to win the fight without any trouble and interruptions. Other two animals are easily got down from the fight, and they feared when they see other powerful animals near to them.  So the hare has more opportunity to win the fight at all the times compare to rabbit and bunny. These are the major difference between hare, rabbit, and bunny. This article will help you to know about the complete life cycle of a hare, rabbit and also a bunny.


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