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Common Methods Of Segmenting Your Buyers And Audience

For personalizing the marketing strategy, it is important for you to segregate your audience and your potential customers. On the basis of various aspects, you can make such a differentiation, such as, demographics, buyer’s persona, different steps and stages in the process of buying and last but not the least, industry. Your aim should be using such aspects towards boosting up your sales.

The following are the common methods through which you can segment between your buyers and your audience:

Focus on the industry or niche: Advertisement cannot bring that infinite success to your online marketing strategy, if you are not aware of the interests of the target groups, be it the audience or the customers. It is necessary on your part to first identify the niche or the industry that somehow interests your target group. Sort out the industry or the niche first before plunging on promotional endeavors.

Demographics: It is perhaps the most usual aspects on the basis of which segmentation can be done. A demographic study would enlighten you about the buyer’s persona and their interests, likes and dislikes. It will also help you understand to which locale they belong to and how it modifies their choices and tastes. This would surely help you not only in segmenting the audience and the customers, but would also help you strengthen your sales and marketing strategy.

The demographic study must be carried on under the following heads-

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Income

Keep a track of the geography: Keeping a track of the geographical location where your target group belongs to is important and it would give you the basic idea about whether to look out for overseas marketing or to remain limited to local marketing, based on zip code/s near your business house or establishment.

Lifestyle: Keep an eye on the lifestyle that your target group avail. A survey can tell you a lot about one’s interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. On the basis of such a survey you can neatly chalk out your marketing strategy. To take for example, if your survey report affirms a person to be interested in music, you can further segment your marketing strategy studying whether the person is an amateur or a professional, whether he has got interests in any particular musical instrument or a recording one and so on.

Behavioral pattern: Behavioral pattern of the audience or the customers would mainly make you aware of the brand names to which they are noted to be more inclined to, their buying cycle in association with the daily goods of needs, their bargain based buying and high end buying of luxury goods and exclusive items and so on. Such segmentation is important for sorting out your marketing strategy.

Benefits based segmentation: This tries to focus on the special benefits that the customers look out for, to make life easier and better day by day. This can be executed by studying segments like,

  • Convenience
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Status/ Prestige

When properly studied and surveyed such segmentation can infinitely benefit your sales and marketing strategy. However, chalking it out neatly may not be always your forte, and you may be on a look out for some professional help. In case you are seeking for one such, get in touch with renowned company for Website design in Treasure Coast, Wheelistic Web Design.


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