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Co-existence of Morals and peace in Islam

Good morals and high ethical values are the major teaching of Islam. The entire Quran talks about morals and observing them under different circumstances. Observing and practicing moral values are indeed a must in Islam. There are established conduct of morals and ethics that one need to follow under different situations. Islam ordains Muslims to be trustworthy, faithful, loyal, social, and helpful towards others and show sympathy and compassionate to the general society. Islam asks a Muslim to shun all those activities that are harmful for the society as a whole and ay greater importance to the morals in Islam. It devoid a Muslim to strictly leave all those habits that hurts others and disadvantageous for the humanity, such as backbiting, mocking, cheating and other such activities. Islam asks Muslims to be humble and well wishers or others under all circumstances. The Holy Book Quran makes compulsory for a Muslim to show love and respect towards others and it furthermore ask to be clean-hearted and fair in justice. It is not feasible according to Islamic law for a Muslim to stop communication with other Muslim for more than three days. After three days, no matter how hostile is the relation; a Muslim should converse with his or her collateral.

A Muslim should not even use abusive language or any other language that is resentful towards others. A Muslim should not defame anyone’s name such as making fun of one’s name via adding some prefix or suffix to the name. They should call each other with their names and that too in a respectful tone. During the entire life of Muhammad (peace be upon him) he asks people to be respectful and helpful towards others. He stressed Muslims to love each other and show epitome good mannerism to each other. In one of the Hadith it is mentioned that Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that the people who are good in manners will be the most nearer to him on the day Qiyamah. In one another hadith it is said that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said that a Muslim is not Muslim until he or she thinks exactly the ways they think about themselves. In other words muslim should think fairly about his companion Muslim.

The morals preaching of Islam covers almost every arena of life and it clearly says or directs human being on observation of moral values in different situations. In a nutshell Islam never preaches immoral values in any circumstances. Moral values are the basis to lead a good life and also to generate a good society. A good morals leads to have a good social and personal life and it is only good morals that foster a good relationship between brothers and sisters, between spouses, among parents, among friends and society at large. Therefore, Islam and Morals go hand in hand. One is inevitable without the other.

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