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Choose a laminator for home and office

Before acquiring a laminator machine, you need to know some useful information, which will help you in choosing and make the purchase enjoyable and beneficial.

What to pay attention as a matter of priority?

First of all, think about the following moments before purchasing a laminator:

  • material, which you will laminate for the most part (photo paper, ordinary sheets, cardboard, etc.);
  • maximum format of documents;
  • need for additional options (for example, matting, glossing, separation or reverse);
  • planned frequency of use (a laminator can be purchased for office or home);
  • price range;
  • feedback about specific model and manufacturer.

It is not matter the presence of temperature controller, as well as method for controlling – mechanical or electronic. Of course, the latter is more convenient in work, but it greatly increases the cost of a laminator. So, you may economize and not to lose in quality and reliability of the device.

What is worth drawing attention is a case. It is better if it has not only visually attractive design, but also does not heat up. It will protect your children and yourself from accidental burns. Additional good option is to choose a model with the automatic switching-off function. Thus, after finishing the work and forgetting to turn off the technical equipment, you should not be worried, because after a few minutes it will enter into sleep mode.

Budget models of the machines normally work with thin films – from 80 to 125 mkm. Basically, it is enough for protecting from water, dust and dirt; however documents might suffer from mechanical failures.

When choosing a laminator for home, refuse from roll-type instruments. Such machines are effective in cases where there is a need for regular lamination. Models like this have numerous settings that could confuse the work for user. Two additional drawbacks lie in the need for frequent maintenance and the high cost.

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