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Characteristics and types of Bamboo Flooring

It is not always easy to find the ideal solution for the house floor. Many seek an option that can be installed in all rooms including the kitchen and bathroom, and that is also a natural and ecological product. For these people, bamboo flooring is the right choice what they are looking for.
Wood flooring is one of the leading flooring types today. If you want to enhance the entire beauty of your interior, strand woven bamboo flooring you cannot miss to install.
Environmentally friendly materials, or "green", are increasingly popular, something that also influences the style they can bring. A bamboo parquet flooring although not exactly a wood, is a durable, economical solution that looks really good in both modern and traditional environments.
What is Bamboo Really?
Bamboo is a fast-growing herb, much more than any tree, making it a highly renewable resource. That is why there are many owners who, concerned about the environment and its ecological footprint, decide to use bamboo for the floor of their wood flooring, including kitchens and even outdoor bathrooms.
Characteristics and Types of Bamboo Floors:
Solid bamboo flooring is made by joining boards or strips of bamboo. They have a more natural appearance and can be dyed or varnished in any color. They are somewhat less resistant to moisture than processed ones. When they begin to show signs of wear it will be enough to apply fine sandpaper and give a new layer of the finish for which we have opted.
The installation is normally done by gluing the floor to the ground or nailing on the floor. These types of installation are more complex and offer greater stability, although they are not free from inconveniences.
Floors made from bamboo fibers, those that go through an industrial process, end up looking very similar to the original and gain some additional characteristics:

  • Greater resistance to moisture.
  • Easier to maintain
  •  Greater resistance to shock and torsion.
  • They are available in slats with click system that allow anyone to install them easily. It is a type of floating platform that is installed without fixing it to the subfloor.
  • It is simplifying a lot, an alternative to a laminate floor or multilayer flooring.

This type of bamboo parquet is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.We can say that, bamboo flooring prices are cheap compared to alternative products.



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