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Cases handled by Civil Litigation Lawyer Morton IL

In civil litigation cases there is no criminal prosecution is involved in any way. These type of cases are not legally fought for seeking justice for any crime or wrong done to any person, organization etc. These types of cases are done to settle dispute in a legally recognized manner. Civil Litigation Lawyer Morton IL has been providing legal services and guidance to people in legal matters for a considerable number of years. They are known as legal experts and their expertise in civil litigation cases has helped several people find legal settlement of their serious disputes.


Personal injury cases are civil litigation cases. In personal injury no criminal prosecution is done and the one filling the lawsuit generally seeks monetary compensation for the injury suffered and damages done. Most of the time the settlement is done outside the court whereby the one responsible for the injury or pain and suffering agrees to pay off the amount decided on through negotiation between the personal injury lawyers of both the party.


Divorce cases and all legal complications involved are also within the specialization of a civil litigation lawyer. Divorce between couples most of the time are not mutual and it involves sharing of property between the couples. How much alimony should be given and what else should be asked for to expect a fair settlement of marriage related issues fall under the scope of civil litigation lawyer to intervene with. Who will get custody of the kids (if there is any)and if the other parent should be allowed to occasionally meet the kids or not are advised to and fought on behalf of the divorcee couple during divorce by the civil litigation lawyer, looking specifically after divorce cases and marriage related disputes.


This should be noted no single civil litigation lawyer possesses the expertise and experience to look after all types of civil litigation cases. There are 5 types of civil litigation cases which are


  • Personal injury or tort
  • Breach of contract
  • Divorce and family law
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes


Each of these cases falls under the civil litigation type but cannot be under the scope of all civil litigation lawyers. One who specializes in personal injury law cannot claim to have equal skill and knowledge to deal efficiently with marriage dispute related cases. Similarly one primarily handling divorce cases will not be of much help to one looking for dispute settlement of property cases or breach of contract cases. . Civil Litigation Lawyer Morton IL believes in this and honestly let know the clients looking for guidance and service in civil litigation law. Civil  litigation cases are of 5 types that are mentioned above, but all civil litigation lawyers cannot be of legal help in all the 5 cases equally.


Laws that influence and affect tenancy law and rights of tenants or landlords keep changing like any law made by humans. Staying updated with tenancy law is not possible for a divorce lawyer or personal injury attorney. Hence, know your case type and look for accordingly.


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