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Case Study Analysis: An opportunity to illustrate your product or service in action

Case studies are the written equivalent of the in-person demonstration, an opportunity to illustrate your product or service in action. The more complex or abstract your offer the more valuable your Case Solution become: their specificity has the power to cut through the fog of business rhetoric. Better yet, they allow your prospects to see themselves in your customers' shoes, encouraging them to imagine what it would be like to enjoy the benefits of working with you. You can think of the Case Study Solution as a cross between the testimonial and the business article. Like the testimonial, the case study features a satisfied customer who "speaks" on your behalf. It’s structured dramatically, with a clear beginning, middle and end that hold your audience's attention through the tension of conflict and the anticipation of resolution. In format, the case study is simplicity itself.

Many are limited to just one page a brevity that makes them especially useful as trade show handouts, direct mail inserts, supplemental pages to Web sites, and as sales collateral that can be faxed to hot prospects. Most are conveniently divided into three or four labeled sections that telegraph the Case Analysis structure to readers, guiding them quickly to the happy ending. These labels go under any number of names, but for our purposes, I'll stick to three: Challenge, Solution, and Result.

Writing a case study solution is perhaps the most difficult academic task. Perhaps this is the reason, Case Study Analysis are generally assigned to Masters' level students - most commonly MBA students. Case study analysis requires application of the concepts of the course to a real life problem, which is presented in the form of a case solution. Students find it particularly challenging since real life cases are not as simple as an end-of-chapter exercise. In real life situations, problems are not clearly defined, data for the solution is not clearly defined and real life problems do not pertain to a single discipline.

Writing HBR Case Analysis occupies a significant part of technical writing and business content writing. It is accurately said that these sorts of specialized documentation include reality more than inventive creative energy. A specialized essayist is relied upon to compose genuine articles in an inventive way while archiving a venture and its improvement chain. While writing some critical HBR Case Solution on enterprise mobility and web development projects the idea of sharing my light bulb moments came into my mind and I added it to my list of agendas for writing articles.


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