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CAREPROST-To have Adequate Eyelashes

Careprost contains bimatoprost as an active ingredient. This medication is available in the solution form. This solution is used to treat eye hypotrichosis and open eye glaucoma. This solution is the tested remedy used to treat your eyelashes. Women buy careprost online because it is the medication approved by FDA. Glaucoma is a condition wherein your eye optic nerves are been damaged.

Before you use this solution make sure that you remove the entire cosmetic from your face as well as eyeliner and mascara. If you are using careprost 3ml for treating glaucoma you need to instill the drop of this solution and then press your eye from the corner so that excess of solution flows away and the excess fluid which has been created due to pressure releases. If you want to treat eyelashes with the help of this solution then make sure that you wash your face properly so that no cosmetic is left on your face and wait for 15-20 minutes. Look into that the dropper does not touch the eye as well as the lower eyelid.

While using careprost solution make sure that you remove your contact lenses if any. And wait for 15- 20 minutes prior and after the use of this solution.  The bimatoprost ophthalmic solution should not be used if you are allergic to this solution. This eye drop solution should not be used if you have liver, kidney or respiratory disease. Women who are planning to be pregnant or who are breastfeeding are recommended to use this solution under the guidance of the doctor. Make sure that these solutions do not come in contact with other parts of your body as it may lead to unwanted hair growth. Careprost is also used sometimes to treat eye nerves damage which can lead to glaucoma.

Careprost have some minor side effects like a headache, dizziness and upper respiratory infection. You may even experience the other side effects of this medication like itching, irritation, inflammation of the eyelid, visual changes, darkening of iris and an increase in pigmentation around the area of eyes which need to be treated if they get severe. This solution does react with some of the medication like travoprost, latanoprost, Xalatan and many other medications hence make sure by consulting a doctor that you do not use any of the medication that reacts with this solution.

You need to apply bimatoprost solution at bedtime so that it can work effectively. You are supposed to use this solution as per doctor’s guidance. You can even use it on a regular basis to maintain the length and thickness of the eyelashes.  If you have missed the dose of this solution then you need to apply it when you remember. Do use the prescribed amount only using too much of Careprost solution will not help to speed up the treatment. Discontinuing the use of this solution may again bring your lashes to the original length. One bottle of bimatoprost solution should not be used for more than one month and do dispose of this solution properly.



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