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Buy Bulldog New Removal Bags with No Tear Guarantee

Bulldog insulation removal bags are not just regular removal bags. These bags have come to transform our waste disposal process by being the best in the industry. Bulldog Insulation removal bags have come to stay in our daily life and they aren’t just for your vacuum, they also function as an all purpose waste removal which can be stapled around an attic and used as a waste chute.

With the needs of their consumers at heart, the company has designed these Waste Removal Bags with next generation technology. Made from one of the strongest materials 100% polypropylene fabric, these bags will not rip or tear and can hold up to 400lbs of material unlike non-woven removal bags. The bags can be rolled and stacked effectively by one person as their cylindrical and smooth outer finish enhances its movement.

The next generation technology guarantees 100% No tear, as these bags are made in such a way that makes ripping and tearing a Bulldog insulation removal bag nearly indestructible. Waste Removal Bags are also manufactured with a new improved open lid design to fit all sizes. These bags are 4’ x 12’ with a shipping weight of 3 lbs and hold up to 105 cubic feet of material. Best when attached to the end of a short hose (5'-10') that has been affixed to the exit port of one of the high output vacuums.

BulldogVacBags are different from other bags on the market because this company uses a stronger polypropylene fabric and a more durable stitching. So if you have a waste removal bag project, you won’t find a more cost effective and functional bag anywhere. There are many reasons why you should choose Bulldog insulation removal bags:

·       Holds approximately 105 cubic ft

·       Capable of 400 lbs

·       Easily close and transport

·       Won't tear or rip (Guaranteed)

·       Multipurpose

·       No airflow restrictions

·       Compatible with all types of insulation

·       Open Lid Design to Fit All Hose Sizes

·       Speeds up Insulation Removal

·       Ultra Durable Material

·       Easy to seal shut and transport

·       Easily close and transport.

·       Stackable Vacuum Bags.

If you really want to get the job done with quality products, Bulldog insulation removal bags are the key to successful execution. The cooperation with Bulldog Company will also save much money. If you have decided buying in bulk, then you can easily get in touch with this team for bulk and receive an amazing offer of pricing.


Bulldog products are designed, manufactured under the strict guidelines for the highest-quality and durability at an incredible value.  It is not rocket science, but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives which are even more expensive on the market. However the Bulldog removal bags are built tough and can be considered to be the perfect bags in this industry. These large insulation removal bags will really be the perfect choice for your insulation vacuum removal, abatement, or restoration job.

If you’re getting waste removal bag Bulldog removal bags are your best bet that come with high quality, reusable and dust free features. They are manageable and efficiently recycled. So, grab this wonderful chance and get the best of Bulldog Company!

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The only Insulation Removal Bag with a no-tear guarantee. Insulation Vacuum bags Made in the USA with the strongest materials available.

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