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Building Your Vaping Chops: Cartomizers

If you know anything about vaping, you'll be quick to admit that everything can appear confusing in the world of vaping. There are plenty of unfamiliar terms. Plus, the sheer range of available options can make it challenging to know which is best for you.

The choice of a cartomizer is one of the first big decisions anyone new to vaping will face. Let us be clear that a cartomizer is not an atomizer. An atomizer turns your e-liquid into a vapor or fine mist that you can inhale.

A cartomizer is not a clearomizer, either. A clearomizer is a clear or transparent tank that holds a premade atomizer.

In a technical sense, cartomizers and clearomizers are atomizers. However, in using this term, vapers mostly refer to the rebuildable models that require a fair amount of work.

What makes cartomizers different then?

It is common to refer to cartomizers as “extended atomizers.” The reason is that they come in a longer case. These are a common feature of cheap e-cigarettes that look like imitation cigarettes.

Cartomizers are less popular than atomizers and clearomizers.

How Do Cartomizers Work?

Cartomizers serve the same purpose as clearomizers and atomizers. But, they operate in different ways and determine the user experience a user gets.

Cartomizers are devices you can refill. Opinions vary over whether it is relevant or not to do so. One can barely justify the time and effort for a device that really is a “one-and-done” device.

Cartomizers have a short lifespan. It is, therefore, common to attach a cartomizer to a disposable e-cigarette. Once you're through with vaping, you can throw away the entire device.

Pros and Cons of Using Cartomizers

Many advanced vapers believe cartomizers are an old-school tool. They may be right, but cartomizers provide an excellent entry-level experience for beginning vapers. At the very least, they will help keep your investment low while you’re exploring the many possibilities of vaping.

While cartomizers are often sold as single-use, it is possible to disassemble the device and refill it. It is something advanced vapers usually do, and probably one reason to consider when you try to figure out if you should try one.

Cartomizer products used with e-cigs are similar to the Duke Pipe from Dr. Grabow that features replacement pipe filters.

Here are some positives and negatives you should keep in mind while shopping for atomizers:



Easy to find

Similar hand feel and mouthfeel to cigarettes


Sold pre-filled


Not easy to reuse or refill

Not efficient for heavy use

Dull taste due to polyfill wick

Limited range of flavors

The possible presence of previous e-juice flavor

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