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Biblical Prophecies and The Myriad Facets They Highlight

Time and often God has sent his ambassadors to this world, with the noble mission of spreading his word and invaluable preachings among mankind to unburden them of the pangs of suffering. These great ambassadors of God ,who have been considered as the prophets have established a communion with the humans through their teachings. Their messages have been chronicled in the Bible in due course, to be termed as Bible prophecy.

The great prophets who embarked on this world to spread God's words among mankind, were considered, by the Jews and the Christians to have achieved God's revelations. Bible prophecies have been circulated among mankind either as messages and propositions delivered by God himself, or as the sublime spiritual preachings of the great prophets who traded on earth to mitigate the fret of mankind. The author of the Bible has sometimes been considered to be a prophet himself, to spread God's prophecies among mankind.

The Hebrew Bible has talked about the importance of man's submission to God's will. While honest living and philanthropic activities would always fetch mankind rewards from the divine power, shams, falsehood and misdeeds would undergo condemnation. Christ had made several prophecies to assure mankind of the infinite power of God's will. He said that before his reincarnation is accomplished, if the human life is made miserable by insurmountable plight and acute suffering, and if mankind lamentably fails to dodge the negative forces, God will surely come to help them and it is by dint of His will, peace and prosperity will be restored in the world. To know more click on

The Bible prophecies, at times though negative, look forward towards some good news and talks about God's kingdom. It tells that if Christ declines to intervene in the affairs of mankind then the human race will gradually move towards extinction. The Bible prophecy also talks about the holy land of Jerusalem, which was promised by Jesus to be saved from the wrath of war. Through His prophecies Jesus had foretold the fate of many nations. For instance, the Bible prophecy predicted long back that Tyrus, that was once a city of prosperity, would be reduced to dust and only history would bear the testimony of its long lost glory. So happened with Tyrus in due course, as the city was mutilated by the wars.

We come to know that misdeeds of mankind has resulted in Jesus' bearing the brunt of it. In order to regain peace in the world, Christ, the affectionate father to all, did not falter to sacrifice his own life. While the Jews were treated as captives in Babylon, they underwent extreme hardships and immense suffering. Christ assured that the ruffled times that the Jews had suffered, would reward them in the near future. The Bible prophecy thus records the aspiration for a Jewish ruled Jerusalem. The Bible prophecy has also claimed infinite glory for nations like Persia, Greece and Rome. Eventually, after the fall of Babylon, to be noted in 539 B.C, the aforementioned cities, came in power and ruled with aplomb and might.

There are innumerable prophecies inscribed in the Bible, some of which are proven to have got fulfilled and some are yet to be. These prophecies, though recorded in a religious text, namely Bible, their implications do not remain confined within the constricted spheres of religion solely. They have reflected profoundly on various global issues and their importance cannot be ruled out till date.


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